120 rear tire on YZ 426?

I've got a bone-stock 2002 YZ-426 & am wondering if a 120/90-19 rear tire will fit without rubbing, or having to move the wheel so far back the chain gets too tight.

Anyone run a 120 on their stock 19" rim?

i have one on my 450 im sure it will fit fine....

Some may rub, most won't. My 120/90 Maxxis IT clears everything.

because the thumpers "hook up" anyway, all your getting with a bigger tire is more weight. I have tried them both and would not run a 120 on a thumper again.

Having said that....I have a 120 on my 05 smoker ! :banghead:

I've got a nice 120 sitting here but I can't bring myself to do anything that would increase the weight of the (already heavy) 426. Why put on a 120?

Yes, I'm nit picking...

Why put on a 120?

Sand. Sand, sand, sand, sand.

Sand is all I ride in, 120s are all I run.

So I know that a Dunlop 120/90/19 will not (noticeably) rub anything on a 426.

I will not run a 120 again..for all the same reasons my 120 was a hand out thats why I used it...

I ran a 120 Maxxis and it cleared just fine. Like the others said, there really is no good reason to run that big of a tire.

Works Fine, I had one on my 02 426, lot "O" meat! :banghead:

Thanks for all the replies - I've been running the stock 110-90/19 on there, on my 2nd one now with no problems. Only reason for considering the 120 is at the behest of some guys I'll be riding with in Baja - they contend that having the larger sidewall profile is important to prevent damage to the rim in rocky stuff.

I figure I'll just keep a minimum of 15 psi in the stock 110 & it should be fine...?

I figure I'll just keep a minimum of 15 psi in the stock 110 & it should be fine...?


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