Potential YZ450F owner questions

Im thinking about purchasing an '03 or '04 YZ450F. Is there anything I should know about these bikes? How often should the major engine maintence be done? I only know of the valves and the cam chain that needs to be adjusted, but if there is anything else that I need to know, please let me know it. This will be my first thumper. My dad has a WR250F and I have ridden other 450s on different occasions, so I know how to ride them. Im just asking what I need to know to prevent major engine failures. thx for the help

I own an 03 YZ450 and here's what I've done.

1. Change the oil every three rides (sooner if you ride longer)

2. Clean the air filter every time I change the oil.

3. Greased the steering head, hubs, swingarm linkage, etc. (only did this once)

I've never checked the valve clearance or adjusted the cam chain. From reading other posts on TT those who have checked the valve clearance have found it within spec. These bikes are really reliable and you'll have a lot of fun with it.

The '03-'04 YZ450 is an extremely reliable, and durable, piece of work. Oil changes at 6-10 hours and a clean air filter is pretty much the whole maintenance routine, other than an annual cam chain and an occasional check of valve clearances. In my case, I have yet to actually need to adjust the valves. The cam chain self adjusts.

The early 450's have a very responsive, quick revving engine, and almost no rotating mass. This makes them difficult to manage for many new owners. Read this thread for more on that:


Otherwise, check under the chain slider for abrasive wear caused by trapped sand (true of all YZ/YZF's from '97 up). If you see some, or want to prevent it in the first place, here's My Solution

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