Best Return on Investment - Thanks GW!

I just got my $600 "tax relief for americas workers" and have gotten permission to spend it on my WR. I am interested in the following and am currious as to what is the best to buy first.

GPR Steering Stabilizer -$350

TY Davis IMS Tanks and Seat - $350

Suspension Revalves - $400 (aprox)

Hot Start - $80

TY Davis Suspension Link -$160

FMF Q pipe and header - $400+

Sidewinder Sprocket and Chain (don't need it yet but you never know) - $250

Anything else. I am like a kid in a candy store.

Please help me make up my mind.


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Oh Yeah...Everything is paid for!

Geeze, I already spent mine and I haven't even got the check yet!

"Permission" to spent it?

Yes Permission! Married with 2 early-teen girls. Not much left after lifes little challenges for discretional things for the WR. :)

My two cents:

You can do w/out the header, in fact if at some point you end up with the aftermarket tank the petcock may not clear the header. I have a Q, the stock header, and an Acerbis tank. The pipe and petcock are still pretty close, this tank won’t fit at all with any high aftermarket header, from the looks of them the Davis model may well share this constraint, that is something I would look into before buying.

As for the performance, the Q really is (quiet, that is) and revs as well as the stocker, but it might be robbing a tiny bit of low end.

Anyway, my choice would be to borrow a hundred bucks from somebody to get the tank, seat, AND stabilizer. :)

I don’t know how you guys turn those things, especially in sand, with that tank in your lap (I can’t and I’m 6’1”), and a stabilizer is a must-have west of the Miss. IMO. I guess I would give a slight edge to the stabilizer though if nobody will loan you the hundred. Hey, for six bills you can get the Scott’s package of top clamp, Pro Tapers, damper and mount kit. Uh-oh.

BTW I really love my tank, with a hundred-dollar SDG seat you may be able to save a few bucks over the IMS Davis tank and seat. I paid like $215 for my tank, they are more $$ than a standard IMS, I haven’t ridden a Davis model but my Acerbis is slimmer than the std. IMS I used to run and not much wider than the stock YZ tank. The main diff appears to be the height, with the Davis model being a bit shorter on top.

Incidentally that std. IMS tank DID clear my PC header, and those look to be just as big and high as the others (if not more so).

Hope this helps.

I understand..Wife and three boys of my own.

Never without a riding partner in the future.

They are to young to ride now however.

Stabilzer, stabilizer, stabilizer and so on....

Stabilizer is on the list! See what I have left and buy some other smaller goodies.

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That sounds like the time I pulled out of work after picking up my $400 check for an award. I hit a deer and it cost $390 to fix the truck.

Dual Sport kit if its easy to make it legal in your state.




Skid plate

Originally posted by Tree Crippler:

Dual Sport kit if its easy to make it legal in your state.




Skid plate

Tree Crippler,

My bike is infamous CA "RED" sticker bike so it is very difficult to it street legal. Thanks for the help and wish it could be 'easily' dual sported. I have been following the VT to CA thread very carefully.

Already have Barkbusters, Renthal Bars (Jimmy Button - 6' tall), Jetting (Thanks James Dean - you will be missed), and tons of armor (skid plate, devol radiator guards, and Works Connection frame guards, Scotts Disk guard).


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Asterik knee braces.

All the trick parts are no good if you can't ride!


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I received my $600 check. Two days later the Dodge Grand Caravan's water pump crapped out enroute from PA to CT. A rental car was used from southern CT to NH, a train ticket was purchased for Boston to southern CT, and of course the ripoff highway robbery towing charge along with the local water pump replacement. Grand total was $615.00.

I was so lucky I received the check...Right?

Can't miss something you never had!


If it weren't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any.

How much are the braces. At 43 I probably need them. :)

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Desertbob, I just came up with the best idea for you to maximize your $600. Seeing as how you live quite close to my area I am in a position to save you some money on the aftermarket parts you desire. Send me an email and we can talk. Eric


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Stabilizer, then suspension re-valve. You will be amazed.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

DesertBob, go with the steering damper. That is a must have item for the desert. My bike has a White Bros E-series header and pipe with the YZ IMS tank and I have no fuel petcock clearance problems. I would do the pipe last as far as mods go. The damper and a tank that allows you to turn easier can go a lot farther than a tad more power. Proper suspension tuning can also make a big difference for rider comfort. In So Cal I would give Fineline Motorsports a call if you are interested in changing valving. Good Luck, Eric


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

93 RMX250

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