Fitting Devol Rad Guards

I am having trouble fitting the devol rad guards on my xr 650r. I dont quite understand how the brace goes and the guard on its own just is not a clean fit. Can some one who successfully mounted these on their xr take pic or two and either post it here or send it to my email at

Thanks-- Chad

this is the only one that I have handy:


mine turned out very clean, I put the plastic fins back on over top of the devols after this pic was taken.

I had to bow my left side brace slightly to get everything to line up, but the right side fit together OK:


I also placed the plastic lovers over my rad guards after installation but it was a tight fit.

I had to notch my right guard on the brace bracket mnt. to make it line up. remember all ways mount them loose, align, then tighten down.

I also had to make a small notch on the bracket of the right guard. Also, they seem to rest right agains the rads on both sides. Also, if your looking at the bike from the front, the bottom of the right guard (the little square piece w/ the hole cut out) hits and rubs against the frame from time to time.

Seems like Devol could have invested a little more money in R&D for this system.

I called Devol and they said that they never made these gaurds to fit an '03 (what I am riding), although there shouldn't be any difference between a '00 and a '03, but anyway. Call them up and harass them, maybe they will make a better fitting guard if people complain. Bottom line, you are going to have to modify the guards to fit properly. I did what Thumpmeister did and ground the one side side so it didn't hit the frame and notched the right side bracket.

Great, thanks for the info and the pictures. I did email them a couple of days ago, no response, maybe I will have to give them a call.

Thanks again -- Chad

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