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China Lake Dual Sport Ride

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You are correct, this is a fun ride! :banghead: The pavement sections are random, but the majority is off-road. If my memory serves me right, I would say that it is probably 85% dirt & 15% street. Maybe someone out there has a better memory than me and can verify that. It is definitely worth doing this one. There is a lot to see on this ride. I had a great time on last years.

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:lol: Me and my two buddies did this for the first time this last weekend (Ktm with Flames, a DRZ 400, and a Honda 250x with guy in green vest). No regrets! We saw a lot of country we'd never seen before. About 180 miles on Saturday and 160 on Sunday. Our butts are kinda sore. Here are some things we saw:


Pinnacles - Odd looking place where they did planet of apes filming.

Good single track getting there.

Pannamint Springs.- Cool lunch stop with single track sandy washing and bueautif desert vista.

Darwin- Old mining town with some people still living there. Lots of interesting old cars. I even saw a Renault Dapane. Plenty of old builiding to explore but no time.

Cerro Gordo - Gost Town at 8800 feet. Awesome views to Mt Whitney and Sierras. Looking East 50 miles was Death Valley Rannges. High desert Pinyon and very cold on the shady side of the mountain.

The Tramway - Great challenging ride getting there. Roads were steep. If you weren't careful, you'd have to make a second run at them. Precarious trail along mountain face... up about 8900 feet. The Tramway was way cool. Built in 1910 and abandoned in 1930. The thing looks like it could be operational with a little work . The old caretake cabin is still usable by anybody. Breathtaking drops looking each way frm the tram. About 4000 feet down on either side. Don't want to get to close to the edge!

Lone Pine - It was nearly dark befoe we left the tram. It took us a long time to get down from that cold air. We don't care much for riding at night. But it was the stuff you never forget. Finally hit some pavement and my buddy got a flat. We all hit reserve and rode on. Lone pine rewarded us with a fine dinner of Sirlons and filet meaions.


Owen Valley has awesome scenary alll around. Very cold heading South.

Cerro Gordo - We hit this place again. Leaving we took the hard route. Probably the best single track of whole ride. Treacherous. We went up to about 9000 feet and then had to zig zag down for about 3000 feet. Sheer drop-offs. To make corners, you had to get off and swing our tail around. Got knda sweaty. Oh yeah, more classic scenary for magazines. BTW, the caretaker at Cerro Gordo was taking pictures of all the riders as they went through town. I think he is trying to close the trail and is using pictures of some irresponsible riders creating dust as they sped through.

Olancha South - Great single track across a mixture of soft sand clay to the upper Coso Ridge with it's laval rocks. Challenging single track. Some people were having a tough time. More abandoned mines and cabins to look at. Desolate and plenty of chances to open the trottle. Lots of Joshua trees. I'd like to explore that place again.

It was a worthwhile ride. To finish hard parts, you had to start at 7 and ride almost till dark. On Sunday we bailed on the last 2 legs.

Well, that's it. The only regret is that the event promoter not sticking around at the end on Sunday. :banghead: He was suppose to stick around till 4 so that we could pick up our bags. We arrived at 3 and he was gone! He left peoples bags in the parking lot! What would happen if someone broke down or got in trouble? Some wallmart shopper would have scored! Next time I hope he gets help and covers us. Also, he could do a better at bringing participants together like Dual Dog Promotions did in the past.


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Great report, sorry you didn't get to ride everything.

Actually I didn't leave town until after 4. I was at my condo packing my truck to head back to Carson City (5 Hr drive). I put all bags with tags in pick up beds or in trailers except the one group with just a van and I put theirs under the sliding door. Actually you could probably leave a bag in Ridgecrest over night and it would still be there.

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