BK mod or less flywheel weight or both

When I got my 00 YZ426 in 2000, it use to have a snap to the throttle, but it would stall trail riding. So I installed a 12oz flywheel weight, now no stall when riding, but I can stall the bike if I snap throttle too quick. Would the BK mod fix this or should I get an 8oz weight. My brother in law has a 03 CR450 with the 8oz weight and I can hardly tell its there.



My take on it is that you need to learn to roll the throttle open, opening it only as fast as it the engine will take it, instead of snapping it, but I'm a hard-ass old-schooler, raised up before anyone even considered an accelerator pump in a motorcycle carb. Even if you do the BK, I'm willing to bet that you still won't be able to bust the throttle open instantly from idle to full, and if you can, it won't respond any quicker than if you rolled it right.

OTOH, if it has an excessively bad bog, the mod will help, as will fooling with different needle tapers.

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