Another stupid acerbis tank question

I know you guys have been over this topic ad nauseum, but I've searched the extensive archives and didn't find a definitive answer:

Has anyone confirmed that the Acerbis tank works with the Flatland radiator guards on an '05 WR? I already have the Flatland guards and am now eying the Acerbis tank since I'm now the guy among my riding buddies that always needs gas. Thanks for your help!

From the look of them on the Flatland website, I'd say they'll fit with a 99% certainty. I have the Unabikers and the rear portion of the guard extends at an angle toward the rear mount which creates some minor interference with the Acerbis tank. Since the Flatlands go straight towards the frame along the line of the radiator and then turn at 90 degrees to the mounting hole, I don't see an issue...SC

Thanks, your description of the Flatland guards is correct, I appreciate your response. I'll go ahead and get the tank, and report my findings and any fit problems or mods I need to make.

Hankdog, what color do you want? If you want blue I have been told that they are on back order untill mid Decemeber. If you want natural there are plenty available. if you want white do a search on ebay there is a guy that has 9 of them for $120.

I got screwed on the blue one.

Yea, I found the guy on ebay this morning with the white ones...I really didn't want white, but at that price, and with blue on back order, I'm thinking white is looking better :banghead:

I think you will like the white/natural color after you put it on. I have the Clarke tank in natural and at first I thought it looked a little wierd :banghead: . Now I wouldn't go back to blue. It is also easy to check your gas. By the way I think the white/natural Acerbis looks even better than the Clarke. :banghead:

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