over filled the oil & blew out the crank seal!

Just got back from a Glamis trip the other day with blown out crank seal.

I have over filled the BRP once in the past and suffered an oil soaked air filter, dirty spark plug, and a smoke machine for a tail pipe. I have heard that if the above happends your lucky because you could blow out an oil seal instead.

Well, I found out the hard way what seal you guys were talking about. A small portion of the oil seal at the cranck was pushed out. I thought that I was smart by removing the front sprocket and tucking it back in. It worked well enough (I hope) to get one last night ride in. I say "I hope" because, at first, it held up fine but upon returning to camp after a night ride it left a big oil puddle when parked. At least I know that some oil was in it during the last ride. It also puddled up oil in the bed of my truck after loading the wounded pig, I'll call that another good sign.

out of curiousity, what year is your BRP?

I too have had the oil soaked filter, however that was the dealer that overfilled it the first time.

Can someone please explain how you blow seals by overfilling a dry sump?!

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