Anyone riding in the Antelope Valley this weekend?

Bueller? Come on, it's not supposed to be as hot as it was last weekend.



Fruit salad, 'eh?

I'm off to Oregon on vacation for two weeks, but I promise I will take you up on one of your generous offers when I get back.

Have fun & ride safe!

Hey Marc!

Too hot for me this weekend, it's supposed

to be about a hundred degrees here in Apple Valley again. I'm gonna go surfing instead.

Anyway, cooler weather is right around the corner so i'll be back to my regular riding schedule.

Next saturday or sunday if we get a little cooler i'll probaby do a ride from here to Randsburg for lunch, and back to A.V., or drive to Kramer Junction and ride up to the El Paso Mountains, gas in Ridgecrest and back to Kramer. If you wanna go Marc, let me know. Any other thumper talkers are invited as well. The longer of the two possible rides being 160 miles.



So you caught that bit about the fruit salad eh? All I can say is that it was ugly man. I'll leave it at that. I went out and bought a Camelback Hawg and the Unbottle for a total of 170 oz. of water. Bring the heat on baby.


Sounds good to me as long as it's all or mostly dirt. I don't have a dual-sport ride yet.

Ya'll have a great week end and Ron enjoy your damn vacation man. Be prepaired to ride when you come back.



Will you be doing any riding tomorrow. I was going to ride out of my garage in the morning and head to the Bean Canyon area. Let me know if you what to meet somewhere.


Scott, Hey man I was hoping to do something this weekend. Where do you live? I ride out of Rosamond and go up to Bean all the time. If you have a desert tank we can go over the backside of bean and then across to Mojave, go under hwy 58 and up into the mountains and ride all the way to lone tree canyon. We'd have to drop a vehicle off at lone tree to get back. Give me a call if you want to do something, the earlier the better.


(661) 256-8340

Sorry Marc, I checked the site just before you replied and didn't get a chance look again yesterday morning. I got a 100 miles in, which is my first real ride since breaking my ankle 3 months ago. I'll check back you when it looks like I can get a free day lined up. Its usually hit or miss with work and the honey-do list, but I can usually squeeze a ride in Sat or Sun mornings between sunrise and 11:00 AM with very little pre-planning. Let me know when you guys are going to go again.


Hey Scott, don't sweat it bro. I ended up working on 2 PC's all day Sunday and didn't get a chance to tear up the dirt. I made up for it this evening after work and did the bean canyon loop which was a good workout. I hear you about your ankle brother. I biffed last March and ended up with 8 fractures in my thumb and wrist and wasn't able to ride for 3 months. Just take it easy for a while and you'll get back up to speed. I usually ride every weekend unless the to-do list is kicking my @ss, so give me a call and we'll go for a ride. I also hook up with a bunch crazy @ss desert dogs that do at leat 100 miles. These guys are the freakin' coolest people you'll ever meet as far as I'm concerned and you will always be welcome to ride with them.

Hey Glenn, it was 107 this evening when I left the house. What can I say, gotta ride. Keep me posted about this weekend and maybe we can get a group together.





I don't have your telephone number, Email me with it so we can get together and ride again.


Hey Scott,

Good luck getting ahold of me on the landline here at the house as my kids are always on the internet.

Home (661) 256-8340

Cell (661) 810-7991

work (661) 275-3567

Home email:

work email:

There man, you should be able to get ahold of me one way or another. Lets go hit the desert again soon and I've got something to run past you if you're interested in a multi-day trip.

Cheers Bro


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