Checking valve clearance on 99 YZ400

Do most of you apply RTV to the valve cover when putting it back on after you remove it to check for valve clearance? Also should I look for the long set of feeler gauges (I don't have a set yet).

PS I love my YZ! Thanks to all the TT folks who lead me to buying this bike when I asked for advise months ago! Enjoying some nice Fall riding here in Western NY....hoping snow will stay away for awhile!

You can put a very thin coat of RTV on but its really not needed at all, ive had the cover off numerous times and the seal is still good and no leaks, and plus you take that chance of the silicone breaking off and blocking an oil passage, therefore seizing the motor. Yes a good set of long metric feeler gauges would be a good thing to have.

If the gasket is willing to stay where it belongs, I use no sealer. If it needs sealer for it not to leak, it's time for a new one. You may want to tack it in place, but RTV is a poor choice for a heavy rubber gasket like that in any case, and you're better off with something on the order of a thin adhesive type sealer.

Thanks a lot guys appreciate the advise!

I've never used sealant even after I replaced the gasket.

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