03' WR450 kicking back when starting

So yamaha paid for my kick starter breaking twice...If I use the kick start it kicks back at me,it's not bad but it does kick back does anyboby else have this problem?

you have to make sure you get it past TDC before you kick it. slowly kick it over until just after the "hard spot" on the engine's revolution... then give it a mighty kick and you'll be fine without kickback.

Onre good thing about 6' 3 and weighing 260 lbs,NO kick back. :banghead:

If you try to start it with the throttle open it will kick back. Keep your hand off the throttle when starting.

My WR doesn't kick back but this could fix the broken pieces for good!

I recently purchased a 03 WR with a broken kickstart shaft which also cracked the outer engine case when the shaft severed. When I was shopping for replacement parts on Yamaha's EPC, I noticed, that in 04 Yamaha changed the kickstarter gear assembly which also houses the broken shaft my WR came with. And in 04 they also changed the right outer engine case. Needless to say Yamaha must have realized the shaft diameter for the kickstart assembly wasn't up to the task in 03 of that meaty 450. So in 04 they modified the opening for the kickstart shaft in the right casing, and increased kickstart shaft diameter. All 04 parts bolted right up oil passages all the same, everything fit like OEM parts should. My WR is a mean ride now kicks easy, E-starts like a charm, and I purchased the bike and fixxed it for under 3 grand, all free mods and jetted and damn hairy! :banghead:

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