06 wr450f speedo

ok i have looked closely at the speedo now that i have the bike ,basically its nothing more than the cable drive system that runs off the hub but with electrics..

iam gonna run a set of motard wheels as well run dirt stuff so unfortuantly iam in need of one that works both(trail tech).

iam gonna sell or even trade this one,it has 5kms or 3 miles on it,its new,i will include everything up the the speedo drive mechanism.its also trick indiglo as well!awesome.

does anyone on here have a clue what it would be worth?yamma dealers cant tell me yet hear.iam willing to trade for a new trail tech setup with a case.

i will also need the speedo drive adapter from your wheel as iam giving mine up.

basically if anyone knows what these are worth by all means pm me it will make life easier :banghead:.


read your manual, you can adjust the ratio in a % of tire hight.

If you don't have the service manual, email me at silversv@excite.com and I'll give you the directions so you can adjust it for your 17 inch rims.

actually the problem is you cant use the pickup with the talon hubs.i have spacers with the motard wheels already and no provisons for the speedo on the hibs like the stockers unfortunatly.

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