stoopid noob. 97 XR600R question about air

Air blows out from the left side of the airbox when the bike is running. It's like a puff puff puff.

Doesn't really smell like blow by.

Is this normal? Where's it coming from?

that would be crank case pulses you are feeling oily like residue near the end of tube could be telling you something

What tube?

Man..I need a service manual. :banghead:

there is a rubber tube coming out the top of the engine cases behind the cylinder on the flat part there one goes down under the swingarm and the other goes up under the seat and comes out right above the left side cove and i am sure that is what you are feeling,make sure the bottom one doesnt have any dirt blocking it up you can just pinch it on the end to make sure

I'll check that

basically, the puff is normal?

It doesn't smell like much more than air, but I wanted to make sure.

is this the type of air that the XR650R would route back into the airbox? (PAIR system)

not sure about the 650 but sound like something they could have done for emissions kinda like a car

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