WR450 History

I am in the market for a used WR4xx, but was wondering if anyone could list the significant changes over the last few years? For example, when was electric start added, when was the AIS added, when/how was the suspension upgraded. I've loosely followed the changes over the last few years, but several years after the fact, all of the changes just kinda blend together! :banghead:

2003 e-start, 2004 e-start that works correctly.

2005 AIS, also fork tubes upped in diameter. seat height lowered, compression decreased. tank capacity decreased.

what was wrong on the starter in 03` ?

My 03 bike has not shown any problems for me yet, but i just got it so....


Go to this thread that was begun on 10/27/05 by Scobo http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=303319 Read all of the posts. They should give you all of the information that you need about the 2003 starter system problem.

What is the AIS I have an 02 426 so I don't have any of that stuff I'm happy I don't have the starter because it just would of made more work when I basically converted it to a YZ with the exception of the Tank and Seat and a 52 tooth rear sprocket so I can still do some woulds riding and hill climbs. But I,m just really curious about this AIS thing what is it and can it be put on my 02? Also What were the main changes on the WR's between 2000 and 02 besides the displacement change?

You don't want AIS, it's emissions crap that slows the bike down.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

AIS injects air into the exhaust as it leaves the cylinder. Since the exhaust at that point is still very hot, if not still burning, the added air allows any remaining unburnt fuel to be burned, thereby reducing emissions.

As for slowing the bike down...not really, unless you think 3 extra pounds of stuff on your bike will slow you down. If that's the case, go on a diet. :applause:

The primary disadvantage of the AIS is that it can cause "popping" in your exhaust, as the unburnt fuel is combusted in your header.

a-men Beef,I didnt notice any pwr gains after removing the AIS,but that annoying constant popping from the exhaust,even stock exhaust was gone.aftermarket exhaust made it even worse..

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