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Suspension Set Up

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I am about 180 pounds (without outfit)and am about 6-feet tall. I ride my WR426'01 basically in the woods (no real jumps) on hard terrain. What is the recommended suspension set-up: SAG, clicks, oil-height etc.

Thanks a lot! Robert

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We are the same weight, height, and ride roughly the same type of terrain. I wish I could help you, but I've had my suspension re-valved and re-sprung, so my settings will not apply to your bike. :)

How about posting some pictures of Sao Paulo?

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Robert, keep in mind you have some of the best suspenders ever put on a production bike.

Having said that I've had great success with the following;

1. Move to 7.5 weight oil (I like Golden Spectal 125/150) (To the best of my reasearch, Kayaba 01 is 5 weight)

2. 100 mm race sag (I've actually taken the sag a set futher and set mine at 95mm in an effort to make the bike turn better, it worked :))

3. I've got my oil level at 95, but I weigh more than you do and I jump. 105mm is plenty for your weight and the trails.

4. Like I said I weigh more than you, about 215, and I've been very happy with my clickers set like this;

Front Reb-8


Shock Reb-13


For what you describe I would suggest "STARTING" at 2 clicks in on my rebound settings and out 2 clicks on my compession.

Hope this helps. Please remember this is what "I" like, suspension is a very subjective thing. But I think that for you this would be a good "STARTING" point...

Good Luck!

Mr T

[This message has been edited by Mr Toyz (edited 08-24-2001).]

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hey dude, this is nick from houston, use mobil one synthetic ATF instead of your fork oil. the aTF is thicker and will make your seals expand thus making your suspension stiffer. hope i could be of help to you



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