W.E.R. Steering Dampner

I have had my WER for a while and I am just now getting ready to install it. I had it on my 98 WR and I did not like the way I had the headlight cut away so that the dampner would fit. Does anyone that has one have a better way to get the headlight to go on. I know that I will have to cut it but is there a better way to secure it after it is installed?

Photos would be great. tarfele@yahoo.com

You might be best going to an aftermarket headlight like polisport. These are rubber mounted to the fork tubes so you can raise the headlight up a bit.

Aftermarket headlights are better than OEM so it is another upgrade anyway.

I have a WER damper ready to go on my girly's bike. I got it from a mate with a YZ250F.

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