Valve Shims and Torque Wrench

Hey guys,

I have purchased a Hotcams ex cam for my 02 to upgrade to auto decompression. I am also going to need to do some valve adjustments I am sure and I am looking for a good place to buy shims. I will also be needing a cost effective torque wrench that will do from 0 to at least 20 inch pounds and an offset metric feeler Gage. Any suggestions as to best place to purchase such things? Thanks,


For the torque wrench, check with a local, preferably independent auto parts store that sells a line of hand tools like KD or Blackhawk. If you have a Grainger's nearby, they sell Proto tools. Look for a flex-beam type 1/4' drive wrench that scales up to 120 in/lb or so. These will give you the most bang for the buck, and will fit in very tight places.

The shims can be ordered in kits from Hot Cams, or purchased at a Yamaha dealer. I believe the shims from a KawaZuki KXF/RM250F will fit, and the intake shims from a CRF250 may also, so that can widen your availablitity a little if you can't get them from Blue.

You don't need offset gauges, but you will probably have to trim the blades used on the intakes to fit the center intake. Trim them with scissors; it doesn't take much. Metrics are nice to have, but most English gauges are marked with the metric equivalant size. I use just use English ones.

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