'05 250SXF same as '06?


A friend of mine has found a 2005 KTM 250 SXF for $6,200 out the door new. My question is, is there any appreciable difference between that and the 2006?

Thank you,


Black rims and forks ???? same as 06, if not then not the same.

Black rims and forks ???? same as 06, if not then not the same.

Yeah, what he said. :banghead:

I been wondering that too. :banghead:

$6200 is not that great of a deal for a left over bike, i got my 06 for $6400 out the door. just an FYI

like what was said before, if the bike has black rims and forks then its the same.

It's a great deal beacause no one has the bike. In CA the bike would go over 7K. The 05's are a pre 06's.


it depends on if its the early '05 or the one that came out later that looks like the '06 (except for the airbox decals)

i heard that some of the early ones had con rod troubles, that was quickly fixed!?

yeah, check out KTMTalk -- some early ones (22?) had some issues but then all ok after that. I remember seeing discussions on the subject.

It was my understanding that the first 22 bikes had a problem with the cam chain tensioner.

Also the 05 250SXF I beleive was built just before the 06, had the 05 features and was only called an 05 to pacify AMA as they had to have x number of 05 production bikes avail tot he public by some date to have raced their prototypes in the Supercross series. Thus I think the product is the same.

When you guys compare out the door prices you need to compare your states sales tax rates!

Yep, we checked with the dealer and he states that it has the black rims, orange fork guards, orange shock spring, etc. Just like you said, it's a late release 2005. :banghead:

IMO, a $6,200 '05 now is a good deal. As mentioned, if he wanted to get the '06, he would have to wait. I think that he mentioned January or February. There are some coming to this area but, with tax, etc, you're talking $7,200 or so out the door. :banghead:

This bike is out of state (a couple actually :lol: ), so no taxes.

Thank you all very much for all of your help! :busted:

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