Anyone have a junk D.I.D X-ring?

I just got a new D.I.D x-ring chain(520-110) and a 50 tooth rear sprocket for my PIG. The chain is too short!!! I need one more link!! Does anyone have a junker lying around. I would buy someone a six pack if they would mail me a couple of links. I tried to use one of my old chain links but they are a different diameter. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

Just take back the chain and get the right one... :banghead:

I've got one of those chains, only problem is that it's still on the bike. :banghead: If you just got a new chain, don't throw a couple used links in with it, that spot will be already stretched slightly more than the rest of the chain. I would try to find someone that has a new chain that was cut down and try to get the extra links that they cut off.

Just take back the chain and get the right one... :banghead:

Yeah... or that.

If your not going to take it back and get a longer one I have some links lying around. This is why I always buy the 120 link chain. Hindsight is always clearer than forsight. :banghead:

Thanks old man time, I think I will order a 120 and a couple of masters. I hate to admit this but I didnt know the second number was the number of links. I just orderd the number that was in the manual. This way I will have a spare.

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