06 WR parts fitting question

Does anyone know if the 05 model WR450 skidplate/radiator guards/larger tanks fit on the 06?

nobody seems to have a list yet of part numbers.



Since the only stuctural member on the bike that changed its geometry was the swingarm, the '05 stuff should fit the '06...no guarantees though...SC

Clarke tank 1442 part number-DID

Evo x slip on did not-- made a metal spacer, had to cut some plastic, worked well after some modifications, will improve on these after ride in am

thanks, I'm not looking for more power yet. first dirt bike in several years. just the free mods once I get a place to work on the bike beyond simple chain adjustment/air filter cleaning ect. But skid plates, and radiator guards are higher on my list

I have an 03 wr450 and a 06. All of the parts (skid plate, frame guards steering damp) all bolted right up. The only thing that will not fit is Radiator guards. The angle is a little different.

many thanks. guess I'll get a skid plate first, and worry about radiator guards in a few months so the new ones hit the market.

I've got the Works Connection radiators braces on mine, mounted right up like it should. Also have the GYTR skid plate, it bolted up with no problems as well.

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