I felt my clutch slipping

I recently changed oil my type from Yamalube to Mobile 1 synthetic. I noticed my clutch started slipping on heavy acceleration. I haven't noticed this before the switch. I usually ride sand, but the other day I rode on some hard pack and this is when I noticed the slipping. I guess it could have been slipping the whole time and I just couldn't notice it in the sand. I believe that Mobile 1 is OK to run in this bike as it has no friction modifiers.

So is it the oil or the clutch?

Also, I am starting to think about a new ride. My 03 450 is starting to show its age and I'm not sure if I should invest money into it or get a new machine. As it is now my clutch is most likely going, I need a suspension work, new rear tire and my plastics look like crap. Otherwise the bike is great, I had the engine rebuilt 6 months ago and just replaced the chain and sprockets. My issue is this; I have about $1500 saved in my bike fund. I figure I can do all the needed work on the bike to get her up to speed or, I can use the bike as a trade in with the 1500 for a down payment on an 06. The thing is, I would be able to fix the clutch, trick out the suspension in my 03 (stiffer than stock springs), have new plastics and a rear tire with that money, or deal with the stock suspension and set up of the 06, and of course have to make payments. I hate payments. Would I be much happier with the 06 or my tried, tested 03 with a suspension upgrade.

Any advice?

Which Mobil 1 did you put in it? They don't make the Red Cap that was so popular before. If you put Red Cap in it, it's probably the wrong one.

does the Mobil 1 you used say "energy conserving" on it?

If so it has friction modifiers in it that can cause the clutch to slip. I believe the new replacement for the "red cap" Mobil one is "gold cap".

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