White Bros E2 Pipe?

I have a 2005 WR450 and am thinking of putting this pipe on. Does anyone have experince with it? I love my WR but feel it could use more power down low. Will this pipe help with that? Does it really meet the 96db requirement?

I dont have a db meter, so i have no clue.

but i like the pipe. Some people say it doesnt make as much power as some of the other brands...again, i have no clue.

I scored mine for 122 bucks off of ebay, so im happy.


GYTR make a 94db propower pipe, I got the 98db one on my girly's bike.

It is a very nice pipe.

Ive installed ......maybe 50 pipes of various types on WR450's.

The BEST (96DB compliant) combo I have come up with is:

FMF Q2 (or TIQ), power bomb header, All free mods, AIS removed, 48 pilot and 168 main. elevation 900-1000 feet.

Runs like a raped date!!!!!!!

E2 is an ok pipe but doesnt deliver the juice like this FMF set up.

Im not a fan of any one system...just what works. This set up WORKS.

My best friend has an E2 on his 04 WR 450. He got tested by a BLM ranger last weekend, 101db without the quiet end. For reference my GYT-R open end was 99db. Both tested at 4500rpm at 24 inches as per BLM regulations. I can tell you my bike has more power than his, high and low. We have the exact same mods otherwise. His E2 is much much quieter with the quiet cap in(I would bet 96 db or lower),but that quiet cap robs a ton of power, its very noticable. My brother has the stock pipe with a GYT-R insert and it is quieter, at least to the ear, than the E2 and has at least the same power if not more. I was actually going to buy the E2 as well, but decided against it after riding his. If sound is a big issue, I would try the FMF system.

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