Urgent! Acerbis Sahara 6.0 gal Gas Tank

Can anybody help, I will be in California (Laguna Beach) from 8th to 13th Nov. I have tried many bike shops for the Acerbis 6.0 gal Sahara tank for my XR650R and none seem to have stock! Everyone seems to be on back order for these these tanks. I know Clark and IMS are popular in the U.S but they are lacking the capacity I need. I am doing a 3500km "through the bush" trip down the East Coat of Africa and need the capacity. Does anyone know where I can source one of these tanks in the time period I am in California? Appreciate any help I can get. I would even consider a "good condition" secondhand tank!

PM me, I can check on one for you and possibly get one. I'm in San Diego.

if you need a shipping adress a little closer i'm one city over from laguna and in laguna on a regular basis

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