06 Yz450f

Anyone get theirs yet? If so, can we get a report? And also, does anyone know if the rumor that in 07 Yamaha is dropping the blue and going back to the all yellow is true or not?

The first release for California is the middle of this month. One YZ450FV. Press day is Nov 7th. We should see some before Thanksgiving. Mark


Cool collection of bikes. I had a YZ125G in 1980. Do you race vintage? I remember that being a sweet ride for it's day. The 465 was the ultimate offroad rush.

I'm considering getting a 1980 YZ125 or 250 and do some vintage racing.

That yellow is still in my blood and have been eyeballing the new 450 as well. Best of luck with your new one!


KillerHiller, I have to work on the weekend. I just took the YZ465H to Starwest MX park last night. I had fun. Thanks Mark

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