best pit bike

What do you thinkis the best pit bike that wont fall apart. Im looking around $800 and lower.

My freind has a roketa ,how are those? Should I look at ssr's or pitsters or what other brand?

3grumps i am running a rocketa. It came with a 125 cc loncin motor. I have had it for a few months now and so far so good. It was stiff at first but loosens up nice after some riding.

I ride the thing hard, engine has been great so far. Brakes are great, good clutch. The rear shock was stiff for a week but it broke in great. It has a rotary tranny, which is wierd getting used to but love it now. (shifts quick as hell, no prob finding nuetral)

The plastics are kinda shitty but they are on all the chinese bikes, i just them off and reinforced them with a couple extra screws and they are very strong now.

The only complaint seems to be what everyone says. 1st gear is so damn short and the bike is never out of 3rd and 4th (plenty of power) It just needs a bigger front sprocket cuz with the power it just tops out too fast. (stock they got 14 tooth fronts)

The best part is i got the bike for $599 shipped and so far no money in it. (the tires could use replaced with more aggressive ones if u wanna race it, but again all the chines ones do)

good luck

oh also it comes with the same pipe that alot of the chinese deals are coming with and it sounds great. (very loud too)

Thanks i'm looking a t the roketa db25. stlavsa what kind of roketa do you have?

I agree with the others in that there is no good pit bike for under $800.00. Those bikes that dealers could buy and still sell and make money for $800.00 aren't good bikes. Vinco has a 1,000 bike that will include an N-Style graphics kit, Universal Products race bars and reinforced pegs and mounts...Just $200.00 more than your $800.00 mark

The rocketa i own is a db-19? or something like that.. its a 125 cc, there is a new thread here about a 599 bike with pics and that seems to be the identical bike but some of the specs listed for it are incorrect.

It has rear disc, not drum, and no electric start (good)

I think the real difference in teh 800 vs 600 dollar bikes is that someone is makin an extra $200 somewhere along the line. I have seen a bunch of other bikes and cant tell a real diff.

that is the same bike my freind has. Is everything compatible to a honda 50?

It seems to be as close to 50 as any other pitbike

will the parts work off a 50 to a pit bike

some will some wont

Make sure you take into account the parts and customer service etc...

If there is a Christams close out sale, you may want to be careful.

What do you mean be careful?

So I should get a bike after the 1st

I think what he is trying to say is that a lot of these fly-by-night pit bike dealers aren't going to be around after the first of the year. So if you buy a bike on a christmas sale, you might not be able to get any type of support after the first of the year. Buy from a reputable seller and you will have someone that is still around to support the product.


get a klx 110

Im looking for a 125.

Hate to be a wet blanket here, but how hard do you ride those things? I have NEVER seen a bike under $1000 worth pitbiking (except for the stock 50 class). I would be paranoid of snapping the thing in half. Most of the pictures of them make them look even cheesier. Now I am not totally dissing ya Outlaw, as I know they are probably better than an CRF50. I just don't see how they will hold up well. I have destroyed bikes that cost twice as much as those. As a matter of fact, my first Xtreme (which seems to have become the Chinese industry standard) went through 3 shocks, 3 frames, several swingarm welds, and welding of the cases in its first year.

If someone would like to prove me wrong, be my guest. But if we are only going off of pictures and say-so from owners, I am never going to believe a bike under a grand is worth anything. Let me ride one for a day and I might just prove my point. :applause:

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