BLM B.S. Once again.........

"I think the key is sticking together"

Amen to that! If you're not a member of BRC, join now!

this whole topic bums me out. i live in massachusetts and have only seen pictures and alot of video of glamis. to me the place is like the holy grail of riding. i am a fan of all types of riding. and anybody who does any discipline of riding has heard of glamis, it is like the daytona supercross, baja 1000, or des nations. of riding spots. you guys are ruining my little image of this fantasy land that i may one day take a vacation to and try out... sounds like i better make it sooner then later, cause it doesn't seem like a zoo like that is going to be open for much longer.

Right on Jim! I have seen the show in Glamis and Dumont, It kinda looked like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" on Meth. I have been riding most of my life and have only been hassled once by a BLM official. However, I spent a great deal of time pulled over because I was young, driving a lowered pick-up, and had tinted windows. All of the BLM Rangers I have met were easy to get along with. I know one of the rangers personally and he is a great dude but, you break the law or act like an idiot and he'll bust you for sure. I have had to leave my local riding area more than once because of drunk idiots shooting guns. I could go talk to them but the result would probably ended up in one or both of us dead or in jail. If you understood how things really work many of you would be a little more tolerant of high strung rangers. Some idiot gets drunk, hauls ass, goes through a fence, runs over some endangered butthole weed, shoots up a couple of signs and ends up rolling his vehicle when he loses control and goes off the road down a ravine. The guy ends up a paraplegic, has no insurance, and needs a helicopter ride to save his life. A few people out there are thinking, OK justice has been served. Wrong, dumbshit guy finds an attorney and sues BLM because he feels they didn't properly maintain the road. Sierra club shows up, sees the fence torn up and their beloved butthole weed run over. Sierra Club files a lawsuit against BLM for not properly protecting said weed. Dumbshit Guys vehicle spilled gas, oil, and tranny fluid in the ravine, BLM gets to pay for the hazmat clean up. The following day the grant department shows up and sees all the new signs and bathrooms shot up with bullet holes and trash laying on the ground along with broken bottles and such. Mr. Ranger gets a royal ass chewing because he didn't stop Dumbshit Guy from shooting up signs and busting bottles in the campsite. That afternoon Mr. Ranger gets a memo from the director that BLM is getting sued because of Dumbshit Guy and wants to know why he didn't stop him. Following day the Ranger finds out his equipment requisition has been denied due to lack of funds, they had to use the money to clean up the mess from Dumbshit Guys vehicle. Several month's later Mr. Ranger gets a memo from the director that his hours are getting cut back. Dumbshit Guy won his lawsuit against BLM and the money has to come out of the general operating budget. Later that morning, Mr. Ranger comes up to a campsite littered with empty beer cans and a camper with attitude. How would you act if you were Mr. Ranger?

Think it's over, wrong again amigo! Sierra Club puts heavy political pressure on BLM because of the butthole weed and fence damage and decides to take it to court. Now the BLM is paying for attorneys to fight the lawsuit and doesn't have the finances left for the restoration project that was agreed to in the last lawsuit, later that year Sierra Club files another lawsuit. The budget is getting tight, everyone is pissed off and due to the lack of law enforcement and or Ranger's, BLM decides to close some area to get Sierra Club to back off. Once again Mr. Ranger stops at a campsite and a foul mouth gives him a rash of crap about the area being closed and how he's going to cut the fence and ride there anyway. Mr. Ranger goes home and to his suprise he sees his car insurance has gone up again, according to his insurer, they have been taking heavy losses because of lawsuits and un-insured drivers. All of these events have and or are happening. When you point your finger, look down, there's three pointing back at you. Join CORVA, BRC, AMA, Friends of Jawbone, Friends Of Oceano Dunes, ect......

Be responsible when and where you ride and be respectful of the staff and law enforcement. For every bad Ranger there is at least a couple of bad off-roaders. I have been rude to someone else when it wasn't warranted, have you?

beautiful post dirtflea!!

So we just disband the BLM and then there's no one to sue. Done.

Quit riding Glamis years ago when i got a fixit tick for a blown license plate light at the "shake-down/inspection" on the way in, its just not worth the hassle to go nor the danger. I also feel that sand is just not that great on a bike, it is where a quad really shines, I hate quads, so i dont ride sand, plus i get board just sittin there pinned all the time.

I have but 1 fear and it is a big fear-

When they close Glamis are all those quad riders gonna come to my areas??? We really need to fight to keep Glamis open fort hat reason alone, I couldn't care less about anything else.


Oh...and i hate all authority figures!!!:applause:

I have but 1 fear and it is a big fear-


When they close Glamis are all those quad riders gonna come to my areas???

You got it Bucko. Ocotillo Wells is just a short hop away and about the same distance from "home".

Imagine what Memorial Day Weekend and 4,000 quads and Ford Ranger "Prerunners" will do to Blowsand Hill.

The fence protecting Shell Reef won't last beyond 8am.

Tarantula Wash will look like the 405 at 5pm on Friday.

"Gary Taylor, Bureau of Land Management public information officer for the Thanksgiving weekend in the Imperial County dunes, said 192,273 people came to the dunes. There were 147 emergency services calls, two small fires, 516 law enforcement calls and 37 arrests."

I didn't have time to read all the pages, I stoped at page 4. I want to point out two things. First off, throwing trash on the ground (even with the intent of picking it back up) is littering. I've been camping my entire life and don't throw crap to the dirt and then pick it up later, wind and stuff will blow it away so it needs to go in the trash immediatly. Secondly, to the ones who are complaining about the greenies closing our areas to save plants/animals. I was at a BLM meeting regarding Ocotillo Wells/Superstition, there were three other riders there and I know their TT screen names. If such matters concern you so much where were you? Are you a member of CORVA? Blueribbon? AMA? etal.....

Those stats alone make it a good reason to go on weekdays and not weekends. At an MDR race this past weekend in Plaster City West, I watched two BLM rangers stop by a group of seven trucks/Blazers and talk to those around about all the beer cans under there trucks. They had about 20 cans from the looks of it as they were crawling under to pick them all up. Then the Rangers ticket one guy who didn't seem happy picking up his trash. My guess is that when they left, those cans would have still been left there.

At my pit, everyone but little kids threw everything away in trash bags strung up all over. Its too bad the BLM has to run a round and tell people not to throw trash on the ground. Guess a whole lot of people either didn't get that part of training as they were growing up OR have decided someone else can pick up there trash now that they are adults too.

For coming into your camp ground and citing you. I'm afraid they can. :cry: Especially since you allowed them to by leaving your paper towells full of blood on the desert floor for what did you say, ten minutes? You could probably fight them on searching your vehicle, but then they would have to get a search warrant from El Centro and you would have them standing in your camp for hours while you wait. And guess what, the roving eye will check everything, registrations, green stickers, vehicle registrations, passes, underrage drinking, everything.

It must have been a calm wind day that day, because normally that papertowel would be a mile away unless it snagged a bush or something. Then someone else would have to pick up that bloody towel. In a day of aids, that is a wonderful thought. :bonk:

I'd fight the fine too, what have you got to lose? But the Ranger isn't going to loose his job over you being there. In fact, depending on what shift he works, he may be making OT for being at court that day. So in a way, you are paying him extra to fight his ticket to you. Makes you all warm and fuzzy knowing you are helping him make some extra money. :cry:

Being a BLM ranger sucks in some ways and is great in others. Great because you can roam the desert all day in your 4 wd, doing what you enjoy best, cruising the desert or mountains. Sucks because you have to enforce rules that you may not agree with, but are laws non the less. And you have to give off roaders tickets and sometimes even arrest them for being " Stupid in Public" or SIP when they challenge you or the law directly and refuse to obey.

The best news yet, is when off roaders challenge the laws (like litter and bringing bottles into the park, etc.) and the way the BLM enforces them, the greenies and there clan are rejoicing thinking that if we make enough problems for ourselves, they wont have to spend as much money closing us down. We will close ourselves down. Now that is the American way! :applause: Steny

PS: And yes, I too have been going to the desert since 1965. So I have seen the changes over the decades before some of you complainers were even born. And yes, I'm a native Californian who only left the state for 4 years to help Uncle Sam out in other countries and states.

The Rangers should have made a pass down the wash by the trestle. There was crap everywhere. How many people have done a desert clean-up and seen how much stuff is brought in? Pack out more than you pack in.

And for the record, you can keep all of the rails/buggies/cars out at the dunes and out of the western Imperial Valley.

And for the record, you can keep all of the rails/buggies/cars out at the dunes and out of the western Imperial Valley.

What does that mean?

Not that there is anything wrong with them, but there are too many people own them who have little or no experience driving them. Who wins when a sandcar comes racing over a dune into a bike coming up the other side? It's not really something you have to worry about at Plaster City or Superstition. You just have to pay close attention to the wash/trail crossings.

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