Help with replacement turn signal

I am in the middle of replacing the rear turn signals on a '83 Honda XL600. This bike is new to me and came without the signals. When I plug the signal into the appropriate connections under the seat the signals do not work.

Here is the current scenerio:

When new signals are plugged in the the left front signal works but not the rear. The front is on without flashing.

When I use the right signal neither the front or the rear works and I hear a buzzing sound comming from the battery compartment.

Any idea's on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.


you need a volt meter to find out if you have voltage to the connections first...then diagnos why you dont have voltage...

Sorry, I dont have much more for ya...

I had one of those brand new in 1983. I got into more damn trouble on that bike...When the motor is fresh, it'll wheelie in fifth on the freeway if you want to...Dont ask me why I know that...

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