New to the 650R, need some pipe/carb help

I have recently purchased a 2002 XR650R. It had been uncorked when I purchased it and wow, it has some get up and go. I have opened the carb and the jets are a 175 and a 65S and the bike pops just a little when coming down from hi revs.

I have bought a complete FMF Power core4 muffler with the powerchamber head pipe and I have a Uni air filter. I live in Virginia, I'm a Navy guy, I ride at sea level. Will these jets work with the new pipe and air filter? What should I go to? The FMF installation instructions recommend a 175.

Great forum and thanks for any help y'all can give me.


My CA model had a 65s in it stock.

I believe you need a 68s.

I've heard some people using a #70.

175 sounds about right.

Check your plug after about 10 min of hard riding. This will tell you if you're too lean on the main jet. Light brown, good. whitish, not good (lean), black or wet (too rich)


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