Getting a feel for the WR.

I've been through the archives and know all the physical differences between the WR & YZ. My question is for those that have ridden both...Is the weight diffence between the bikes noticable once you're rolling? Is there a noticable handling difference between the bikes? Do you REALLY need the seat/tank combo...I mean is it really that big a deal to a spode like me?

I have ridden a two YZ, a '98 400 with full exhaust and a mostly stock '01 with heavy flywheel added. Both felt nimble & and carrried the weight quite low compared to my '96 Husaberg. I can get a new '01 WR or YZF for the same price but have never ridden the WR. All the WR stuff is important to me and would eventually go on the YZ, like kickstand, flywheel weight, lights. I just don't want to take a step backward in weight from my Husaberg.

I'm 6'1", 200 lbs, play ride mostly woods.


I haven't really ridden a YZ, but if you are going to mod the YZ to be like the WR I would go with the WR. Especially if you are going with the 01 model. I am an eastern (NH) woods rider and the 01WR is perfect in the woods. If you were mostly track riding, I would lean towards the YZ. You can YZ time the WR easily as well. I would go with a WR. If you are getting the WR at a YZ price, that is good. If you are getting a YZ at the WR price, not so good. Change the rear sprocket to a 52t and it will feel like you just shed another 15lbs. The 01 pulls and handles different from the 99/00 also. Can't go wrong with the WR. I ride with the stock tank and do well with it. You will need new bars and maybe a riser no matter which bike you ride. I am on the short side and have no problems with the WR in the woods. I do cras alot, but mostly trying things a little faster than I should or things I shouldnt try ay all.

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Well ya know, it is noticable. I have a 99 WR400 with a dual sport kit installed. The only thing I have that's lighter than stock is a Megamax II muffler. I figure the bike weighs about 275 + fuel. I rode a friend's YZ426 the other day and it felt so much lighter and smaller than mine. I'm not any kind of expert rider, C (novice)-class (B-class on a good day), and I can really tell a difference. But the main thing I noticed on the YZ that would help ergos an a WR would be the seat and tank. You can really get your weight forward (and turn) with the YZ design.

Thanks for the honest replys! I felt the same way about the YZ compared to my Husaberg, it carried weight lower and just felt more nimble in general. The showroom racing I did on the WR the other day, the bike felt weight-wise, serviced with gas, much like my 'berg (at least moving it around between my legs.), I'm sure it carries it the same as the YZ though so still a bonus over my bike. In the back of my mind the KTM 520exc is still there too. Ridden that bike as well and LOVE it! It feels like a bicycle compared to the YZ even. The price difference is significant though, I'm in the WR/YZ $5150 out the door '01, KTM $7248 '02 model. But, the juice clutch, light weight, electric start, great ergo's, good bars, etc. are certainly worth something. Perhaps after tonights Powerball drawing I won't have to worry about it anymore!! :)


Sounds to me like the WR is for you. The power is AWESOME, the suspension is great for anything you can throw its way.

Perform the simple free mods, ride the bike for a while, and decide if you want the YZ seat/tank. I feel that is the nicest mod yet for me. I am able to ride farther up front, and turn the bike alot easier than w/ the WR tank. It will never feel as light as the YZ, but your only talking a few pounds anyway. It also doesnt feel as top heavy. I feel the YZ seat-tank makes the bike alot more nimble and feels a good 10 lbs lighter.

Mike68-Gimme some smack on that 52t sprocket. Where do you feel this helps you the most? How different is the pull?

How much could a wr weigh than a yz? Its just the lights, tank, exhaust, and coolant resivior that weigh more right? If you change all these to YZ spec youve gotta be real close on weight dont ya?

i have 99 wr400 with excel rims,talon ultralight hubs,azonic tripleclamp,azonic bars,renthal ultra light front/rear sprocket,wb carbonfiber promeg silencer, tapered headpipe,ims 3.4gl yz tank[3/4 full],sdg seat,fredette anodized chain guide amd michelin s12 front/rear tires weighs 263lbs.

It definatley improves the low end. It has a lot more snap out of the corner. Easier to loft the front. Improved acceleration. Gets you out of being inbetween 1st and 2nd in the tight stuff and lets you stay in 2nd and sometimes 3rd. Puts a big friggin smile on your face. Probably wouldn't be a good mod for desert riding, but track and woods its awsome. One of the best bangs for the buck I thing the plain steel sprocket cost me 30-35 buck. The response and quickness you gain just makes the bike feel lighter IMO. Give it a shot and if you dont like it, someone will buy the sprocket.


Thanks. I need just what your describing. Sometimes it feels like Im between gears, and usually find myself upshifting before a rhythm section. Its either scream it out in 2nd, or upshift to 3rd when Im not really in the power. That sucks! I need to be more in the revs when I hit certain sections. Were you able to still get some life out of your orig chain, or did you just buy another? I dont know how much I'll get out of my current chain, but would like to use it as long as possible. Its also a pain in the a$$ adding links-

Still running the origonal chain. Has about 1500 miles on it. Had about 650 miles when I switched to the 32t. You should be all set. Shouldnt need to cut the chain eaither. It wil shorten your wheel base by about an inch, which makes it a little more nimble as well. Just change the sprocket if the chain liiks ok. This mod will help keep you in the revs. Good luck and let us know how you like it.

A stretched chain will destroy your new sprocket.

On the rear sprocket, try pulling the chain off the sprocket near the (chain) adjuster. If you expose half a tooth or more, the chain is shot. In this case, the entire chain and sprockets should be replaced.

On my bike, I opted for a 1 tooth smaller countershaft sprocket, and am very pleased as well.


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

I wouldn't sweat it. Get the cheap factory 52 tooth to see if you like it first. If you like it, then invest in the other stuff.

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