New record 102 mph

Ripping up a long trail today i got my pig up to 102mph :banghead: must be the cool air because the best i have ever done was 97mph before this. :banghead:

sure takes a long time to stop at 100 mph on dirt, doesn't it?:lol:

Things start happening really fast for me past 70.:banghead:

But, i'm old...I like to live.


PS: Damn that's fast. :banghead:

yea that cool air is makin my bike alittle more frisky also.

Was that on a GPS? XR650R?

no it was on my old xr 600 digital speedo which i trust! unlike a trail tech this unit runs off the cable and has never even given me a glitch. my bike is a 650r

What back tire was that with? I had my stock engine (Header/muffler, Mikuni TM40, UNI) to 102mph with a IRC M5B using a GPS. I was cycling the rev limiter. With the stock tire I could only get 99+mph never quite over 100. All with 14/48 gearing. With 15/47 gearing and a 680cc engine, I have reached 118+ on Zoo road in Baja. I am now running 15/49 and a maxxis 7301HT and can just get over 113mph. All with a Garmin Vista.

Cool, thats moving on.

no way in hell would i ever break 70 in the dirt. never.

i am running stock rear sprocket and a 15t front my engine is stock with a michelin cross ac rear tire. i was never able to break the 97mph before i think it is because i was riding at sea level almost out of fuel and it was about 4'C the cold thick air just turned it into a rocket. i was just a surprised to see it as you are to here it!

So how many to teeth are on your stock rear sprocket. :banghead:

My XR600 has a 13 tooth sprocket on the front and a 48 tooth on the rear.

I don't have a speedo. How fast do you think I could go with these sprocket settings. :lol:

102 mph, that's awseome. :busted::busted::banghead:

That would be 163 km/h. :busted:

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