anyone know what tank im thinking of?

I saw not too long ago, a WR tank that replaced the radiator shrouds. It was huge, something like 27 liters...and mad expensive, 700 bucks or something.

i cant seem to find it now.

I would hate to hit a unseen drop off with it- Look for some paris to dakar pics i have seen some of them on those bikes

about 7.1 gallons X 6 lbs per gallon ( ah the equal sign on my keyboard failed!! ) 42+ pounds. I had tank that size on a 750 stand up jet ski, really messed with the dynamics when it was full. BUT HELL YOU CAN RIDE B-V NO STOPS!!!

not something i would put on my bike unless i was going to baja...but it was just killing me that i couldnt find it.

how did you find it

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