Corbin seats ans customer service

Any corbin seat owners out there? :banghead:

I am in the market for a more comfy seat, but I have read a couple of posts describing bad issues with the Corbin folks.

I have the CORBIN Dual-Sport seat, unfortunately .... first, it arrived and the mounts were off, wouldn't come close to fitting up, and they didnt glue the vinyl cover onto the seat ... !! ... then they re-did it, and returned it ... it finally mounted up (with great difficulty), but now there is a 1/2" gap between the front of the seat, and rear of the tank ... all for only $285 shipped !! ... I wouldnt buy anything else from these idiots if they were a buck apiece (probably been hanging around with yuppie HD owners too much) :banghead:

Does anyone else make a comfy seat for the XRLs?

I had a corbin on my R1 and a freind has one on his harley and they are both like sitting on plywood. i have ridden xrl's on the hwy and found the seat was just way to soft i way 220lbs and found that i could feel the seat frame under the foam. if thats your problem maybe you just need to replace the foam.

I bought the corbin.

Very nice seat, but is was a :applause: to get on.

I almost sent it back, but I could find no other seat for the L.

It is my daily driver, and I had to have a seat.

It is on now, and it sure looks and feels nice. But I am sure dreading taking the :ride: back off come maintenance time. :p

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