New bike has been ordered...

...and it's not blue. I've gone to the dark side(or should i say orange) fella's. I've got a 06' 300 XC-W ordered. I plan on racing Harescrambles and Cross Countries, next year and it was time to upgrade the ride. The lighter weight had a lot to do with it. I love my WR, it been an awesome bike, just a little tired for a full season of racing next year. I will own a WR again at some point. I want to thank guys like Dan Lorenze, Indy, and Taffy for all their technical knowledge and help. I knew nothing about bikes, or bike set up or maintenance when I first started hanging out at TT. I will still be lurking around the forum, checking in now and then. :banghead:

Banff, Congrats on the bike.... Those 300s are real nice.... Very fourstroke for a twostroke with a lot less bulk. I'm sure you'll dig it......



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