SaddleBack MX Park

Can you actually believe that it is returning. :) Ron I read your post on their web site. It is gonna be great to have a park closer to home. It will also thin out the amount of riders at the other MX Parks. I can remember when I was a kid and riding there in the 70's. Hard to believe that it is back. It is good for the sport, and must mean that dirt bikes riders are having an impact politically, because land is an extremely hot comodity in SoCal. I never expected Orange County to permit a track again in their "master planned" community. But it goes to show you that anything is possible. BTW I have heard a rumor that another new track is being built behind the ProCircuit building off the 91fwy behind the red/white/blue Prado dam. Can anyone confirm that one. I have seen some grading going on there. Well is any one here interested in riding Saddle Back MX Park on the Opening week? Let me know.


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