Stupid questions

Yamaha didn't have a jet. I drilled it out two sizes over what it was with some tiny drills left over from my machine shop days. It runs great, started third kick without the choke. It has started first kick every time afterward. :applause:

Now I have a slight problem. Gas running from the overflow (bottom tube coming off the bowl). I guess my float isn't set right. I was careful not to touch or mess with it and the needle. I'm taking the carb back off to have a look. Everything looked fine when I took it off before.


oh my. this is a joke, right?

oh my. this is a joke, right?

Which part? I joke a lot.

I went to two motorcycle shops (the two whose mechanics I trust), both of which showed me "jet drills". They are just small incremental number drills in a kit. Both mechanics suggested drilling it out one or two sizes bigger instead of ordering a new jet. I have the same kit for different purposes. I checked to make sure the drills are incremental in the same way as theirs...anyway I did as they suggested and drilled it out by hand.

I figured if it didn't work out or made things worse I'd just order a few jets in the 70 - 72 range from Bikebandit and work on it next week when they get here.

Anyway...about the leak. My wife just told me it was doing that already the other day. She took it out for a ride around the block and left the gas on when putting it back in the garage. She said she went back out later and there was a huge puddle on the floor underneath. She shut the fuel off and forgot to tell me about it.

the bottom tube coming off the bowl is the bowl drain, and is "normally" plugged by the gold screw directly ajacent to where the hose connects to the bowl.

okay, i understand now that you employed an actual jet drill kit.

okay, i understand now that you employed an actual jet drill kit.

LOL...I'm dumb, but I'm not sure if I'm quite that dumb (well , maybe). I figured it would be worth a try since I'd have to wait a week after ordering the new jet anyway. I have the week off work and really wanted to look into the starting problem.

Is the correct spec for the float 9mm or 8mm on the 2001 WR426? Mine was at exactly 8 and I changed it to 9 since I saw both numbers while searching the forum. It drips slower, but still leaks.

Also I don't think the gold screw cuts off the drain hose. I looked at it and plugs the hole at the bottom of the bowl next to the drain plug. The brass overflow in the carb can still dump gas out of it from what I can tell.

I don't want to move the float too far out of spec, I was thinking about moving it to 10mm, but don't want to cause other problems ( I usually only like to mess with one thing at a time so I know where I've screwed up if something begins to run bad). The needle seats well and doesn't let air pass when I blow throught the gas inlet while the float is up, so I don't think it's the needle/seat.

I should have had a manual handy for this. I had one downloaded off the net, but it got lost when my Alienware fried.

BG is right clean the carb first before any mods Then read the starting Drill.

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