Got spanked by a DR-Z400

well, 2001 DRZ's in my local (Phoenix, AZ) area are being advertised NEW in the papers by the dealers for $3999. Conversely, new WR's are right @ retail for the most part. Dealers can barely GIVE DRZ's away. in the past year i've only seen 1 DRZ @ the moto-x track (good luck!) and only 2 others on the desert trails. i'll stay with my beloved WR for now & save the DRZ for when i'm over 60..... bobwombat

It would seem that this guy has infact only ever posted just the once in any forum other than the DR forum here at TT. So no doubt he is a flamer. Well spotted bhunt :)

Lewichris... if you wish to search by a user simply click on the 'search' link at the top of the page under the 'Post A Reply' link. From there the rest is straight forward.

I don't have my WR yet lads, in the UK working to get the cash to buy one atm. But when I get back to OZ look out. Keep up the great posts here on TT, it gives me heaps of inspiration to get home quicker and get riding.


Thanks for the kind words Dan Lorenze and Fezla. Lewichris, Fezla has accurately told you how to do a search. I have only ridden one DR-Z. It was a guy a met in Hungry Valley. We swapped his 2001 z for my 2001 WR426 for a few minutes. Not to bash the DRZ because in the right element I'm sure it's a great bike, but within 5 minutes I wanted my WR back and he was saying he had to get one! Mine is stock except the free mods, and his had some suspender work and Yosh pipe. I just knew this guy couldn't be real! This is his last post at DRZ. It seems that his buddy has a YZ 426. What strange things envy does to you!



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I have a buddy who has a 2000 426 and he got a green sticker good through 2002. his brother has the same bike bought at the same dealer....he got a red sticker*****

Bobwombat it seems you still miss the point of this thread with your bashing of the Suzuki.The rider is what it is about along with what you are doing with it.Despite what you think the DRZ is a worthy opponent for the WR when both bikes are in the woods.I've ridden the WR426 very stiff suspension and a potent motor but will not turn like the DRZ.On an MX track i'd say it would be a whole nother ball game.I'd love to take you in the woods for a day here on Long Island.The WR is more money and you get what you pay for.P.S. I paid 5 large for my 01DRZ kicker 2 months ago.

VinnyL28 is a funny guy - in one post he claims to be a mechanic in another he asks where the fuel screw is. Troll.

Ya have to watch those guys from the San Francisco bay area!!!!

Vinny...if you happen to be passing through Texas, I have an '01 DRZ400-E with under 20 hours on it for sale.

...need to pay for my new WR250F.<G>

Frankly, the DRZ is a great bike. It merely depends on what kind of riding you plan on doing. The DRZ is the ULTIMATE trail bike, and can run hare-scrambles pretty decently. For intermediate and expert racers, it's just too heavy and soft. Which is where my WR250 came in. Am I faster on the WR?? Sometimes. Or am I faster on the DRZ? Sometimes. The edge depends on what and where you ride.

Just my 2 cents, of course...

Tex Labo


'01DRZ-E (for sale)

Vinny has been pretty quiet since he was found out.

I think he just rides a CT110 posty bike. That's why he get smoked.

Little man has many ID's. He'll pop up again. Not worth posting. Hope it's closed soon.

John Hamilton

Hey look at it this way guys. If anyone is intrested in buying a used WR400, at least you know for sure it hasnt been ridden hard! :)

That is if he really has one to sell.


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Weenendtoy: i believe i DO get the point of this thread & i agree with those who have pointed out it's almost all rider & much less the bike. i've never engaged in bike-bashing on this forum in 1 1/2 yrs only to say i'm not sorry i gave up my KTM300EXC or that i love my WR. i love the philosophy that we should just ride...anything! i understand the merits of your DRZ & would have one myself under certain circumstances. that said, it's still fact that suzuki is having a difficult time blowing them out the door & they're stacking up like old pancakes here out west. if u recently paid $5k for yours, i'm sorry; the new 2001 models are $3999 (not including tax)here in the Phoenix, AZ area.....bobwombat

Wayneo we are in the woods every Sunday bud.You are always welcome to come along.You missed a good one last Sunday call me.Bobwombat if you went into a Suzuki dealer here on Long Island and offered them 3999 for a new DRZ they would laugh you out to the parking lot.I paid 5k out the door from Oregon, here I would have had to pay tax on that number.Here on the East coast both the Yamy and Suzuki are great bikes.Whats wrong with pancakes anyway they taste great.

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Weekend: good pancakes are tasty & so is the DRZ. i sat on one before i bought my WR & chair-flying the DRZ almost convinced me. it was comfy & VERY narrow compared to the WR. my decision went right down to purchase day when i walked in my dealer. the e-button was almost irresistable. my disappointment came when i learned the DRZ was even heavier than the WR & now i find that unappealing since i'm on the light side (150lbs). when i saw the $3999 price from a major local bike dealer chain, i called my 2 riding buddies to marvel. so, you see, nothing really against the DRZ here in my garage; i'm still amazed that, despite all the outstanding bike mag writeups, they still don't seem to be able to get them out the door in numbers. if suzuki lightened it up some & worked on the cushy suspension, i suspect they would attract an entirely new market. we all know yamaha could learn a lesson from KTM's electric start bikes that went on a diet 2 yrs ago. KTM accomplished the diet routine with VERY quality components. shame on suzuki & yamaha for not responding earlier on their 2001 bikes. now, with honda coming on board the diet wagon with their 4-stroke, yamaha MUST step up. if suzuki lags behind, the DRZ's will be $2999 before long! ride safely, bobwombat

It seems Vinny has edited his original post! Can't take it back now Bud you are busted! :D Just F'en sell whatever it is you ride and take up miniture golf or something! You seem better suited for that! :)

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bobwombat-you just said why. The DRZ's are that cheap out there cause everybody in southern AZ will buy the WR as opposed to the DRZ. A desert racer will prefer the beast motor in the WR for the wide open spaces. I wonder what guys are riding up in Flagstaff, or where the woods, and tight stuff is? Over here the DRZ is a sweet bike in the tight woods-handles great, and feels plush over the nasty sh*t. When the trail opens up, I prefer my WR to just about anything out there, with the exception of the 520. My WR is setup for the track as well as the woods, so it does run stiff.

John-When are we doing that run again? Im waiting to hear from the guy upstate before I send all my stuff-maybe I'll wait til I get a plate for it.

Darn. I jumped into this topic a little too late.

I got the jest of what was said, but I missed the original post by Vinny. What exactly did he say?


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

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It was a weak little turd of a post of how great he was and how bad his Wr and his friend was. You could tell it was pure BS and an infantile attempt to draw attention to his puny little self. The first thing that came into mind was a statement that I heard a good friend of mine tell another long ago....

"I am somewhat of a BS'er myself, but occaisionally I like to hear from an expert...Please continue!"

You must wonder where these Idiots come from..This is the information age...You don't have to be a rocket scientist to back track these guys to where they came from...

Mike...It's good to see you're back on the J.O.B.

Bhunt....Nice Catch Dude.

Let's keep the rif raf on their side of the fence.....

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

"I am somewhat of a BS'er myself, but occaisionally I like to hear from an expert...Please continue!"

LMAO!!! Im going to use that. Ive got plenty of friends that are good BS'ers.

If you want my opinion this is what happened:

This guy comes on the board and starts talking trash trying to rouse a few people.

Naturally, a few people are a little offended by his remarks so they fire back.

One thing leads to another and its a full fledged war between which bike is better... the WR or the DR?

Where is Vince?...... nowhere to be found.

Seems to me he accomplished what he set out to do. Piss some people off and let everyone else tear each other up while hes in the Bahamas sipping a pina-coloida (sp?)

Im not sure why people do this but they get their jollies from it. I say the best thing to do is not respond at all to his drivel and that would probably piss him off more than anything. :)


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

What is with all this anti DRZ nonsense. Check out the DRZ forum, I don't see any of the DRZ guys bashing other makes of bikes.

Yeah, I wanted a street legal WR with e-start - have Yamaha produced this bike yet, no, so I went for the DRZ400S. For the riding I do, this bike is pretty near perfect. Besides the weight the bike can do just about anything. If it came to a choice of the ultimate e-start machine I would probably go for the KTM520 or Hussaberg 570 - both would make wicked dual sport bikes :D

One of my buddies, who is on the short side, has the WR400, and he has problems with the height (which also makes starting a beeyotch !) - As a shorty myself, the e-start makes life just that much better :)

At to those AZ DRZ's selling for $4400 OTD, they are 2001 models, old stock - still a great price though !


Hey Bundu,

They guys are mostly bashing a looser who makes flames and sensless posts. The information they are giving is mostly accurate about Suzuki sales. Why do you think Suzuki would be teaming up with Kawasucky for 2002. The DRZ is a great trail bike and most these guys know that. I don't really see any bashing going on. As a matter of fact the origonal post was WR bashing from a guy that has $h!t in his ears from having his head up hi a$$ for so long.

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