Got spanked by a DR-Z400

Bobwombat have you weighed your bike?I've read in Dirtbike and Dirtrider the same numbers with out fuel of 265lbs WR and 268lbs for the DRZ.Of course the companies claim ridiculous numbers they get when they weigh them on the moon.Anyway my point is both mags come up with a 3 lb difference(kick DRZ).I'm also surprised you found the DRZ narrow compared to the WR.I rode a WR426 but he had the YZ tank/seat setup I guess that slims things down a ton.

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Weekend: no, in all honesty, i've NOT weighed my bike & would love to. my comments about weight are stricktly based on the dealer's own input & also the many mag reports which may possibly be more accurate than the lofty manufacturer claims. i've made no real effort to reduce the weight of my own bike other than removing the lights. perhaps that might be another intesting thread for regular forum goers who HAVE weighed their bikes on reliable scales. i just know this; while i love my bike, it feels WAY heavy to me & i wouldn't have a heavier bike than the one i've got. when i ride a 250 or, even better, a 125, i almost feel like a pro (in my own mind!)slinging them around. i'm no expert rider & i don't have the YZ seat/tank combo like i'd like, but i still have difficulty turning like i can on a smaller/lighter/lower bike. i sound contradictory now, but that said, the only bike i would give my WR400 up for is a WR250 or YZ250F. o.k., maybe an e-start KTM but that luxury, plus the fine KTM components, will cost us all about $1000 more. the price of these bikes, in my opinion, is getting out of hand. my 2000 WR was $5300; $6k out the door. to replace my KTM 300EXC w/a KTM 4-stroke was just over $1000 more. i'm getting off the track here, so...... bobwombat

Ya know what would really piss him off would be me smokin him through the trees or down any meaty downhills on my dad's KLX3hunny. After riding this bike for a week in Colorado passing everything from Ktm 200's to ATK 605's. I'm not so sure the bike has squat to do with it. UPHILLS now thats another story :) Wrungwachyabrung huge

Hey Howard, what happened to (your bed partner) Mike? Haven't heard a peep from him in awhile...

We all know Vinny put his foot in his mouth. He is just not that good of a rider yet. I spot him 15 years and over 100 lbs. of body weight along with starting from the last row in the Senior class which is usually 5 rows behind him with delayed starts and still finish ahead of him, and I'm not that good. But I believe he rides a 2001 Honda CR250.


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Hey Vinny,

Are you freakin' serious? Your buddy just flat out bitch slapped you - get a grip. This past weekend - I had my track dialed. However, and I hate to admit this, I got smoked by this fearless 15 year old on a YZ80. Yep, me and my bad ass 426 was holding this kid up. I even tried checking his lines over the triple - but I just couldn't keep up with the little sh*t. Dude, if you were there, you'd be selling your WR and looking to buy an 80. Hey, maybe that would work for you - until you get smoked by a 65cc.




Didn't Howard tell you, I've got my own bed now..... LOL. How's it going stranger? I'm one week into my one month vacation...... BOOYAH! Next Monday I leave for the Canadian sub-arctic to go caribou hunting. Life is good! How's the home front?


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