Jetting the WR 450

I've got a new 05 WR450... this thing is stock as stock can be. I haven't done one thing to it. I have been reading about jetting, and can't decide if I should do any custom jetting, or leave it stock. After the free mods, does jetting really make that much more difference? Or can I get a big improvement just from the free mods? Also, is jetting easily done? I'm no expert, and I might not even know if my bike is "dialed in". I'm just afraid to mess with anything that I don't know about.

If your not going to rejet don't do the free mods you will be running so lean after the free mods you will not be doing your motor any favors. Rejetting is easy so just refer to the sticky at the top and copy someone who lives and rides in the same conditions with the same mods and you should get close.

Okay, what do I need to buy to rejet? Is it just an adjustment, or do I need new hardware? I do see the specs above, but don't know what that means. My buddy would know how to do it, but I would like to show up with the right stuff. Do I buy anything, or are they just adjustable?

To do your carb you'll need the following:

JD Jetting Kit

48 Pilot Jet

45 or 40 Leak Jet

70 Starter Jet

Zip Ty Fuel Screw

Zip Ty Hot Start Nut

You're looking at around $100 or so to do it right. I'm going to assume you're above 4000' elevation, so you're in the same boat as I am here in Reno. Once you're ready to go, PM me with your air temp and average riding elevation and I'll give you what I got. I've done a fair amount of research into jetting the '05 carb and have got it pretty well figured out. Lemme know...SC

The hardest part for me about re-jetting was getting the carb loose enough frmo all the stuff on it and near it to be able to rotate it to be able to gain access to the bottom of the carb for jets and rotating the other way to get access to the top of put in the JD needle. It just takes some time and perseverence to do it. Doesn't take a mechanic though. I was able to do it.

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