01 YZ 426 exhaust for sale!!

i have a 2001 yz426f stock muffler(not header) for sale!



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What is the price? What parts are needed to adapt to WR? you can reply directly to my email rkamman@ev1.net.

hey kaveman, as far as i know there are no parts necessary to adapt the yz to the wr. and its 100$ plus shipping. i hope your interested so write me.

kaveman, these are just MY thoughts, but in considering a YZ426 pipe you will discover what many here @ the forum seem to ignore for some odd reason. while many spend $300-$500 on fancy after-market exhausts, a wonderful & affordable power gain is right before us...the YZ 426 pipes! 426 pilots often sell their old exhausts cheaply & these bolt right on the WR w/out any mods. i did all the usual mods; airbox, throttle stop, grey wire, etc, but NOTHING came close to the incredible performance difference when i bolted on a 2000 YZ426 pipe to my 2000 WR! THAT'S when my WR came to life. i'm not YZ timed but this single, inexpensive mod literally transformed my bike. i paid $100 for the pipe & header & i think that's a fair price even w/out the header since the WR unit will do. best of luck. buy the 426 pipe & you will NOT be disappointed & u can use the xtra $$$ saved for other cool goodies. ride safely, bobwombat

Kaveman also lives in TX so Im sure shipping would be cheap! I ride with vmprz515 alot and the muffler is flawless...I dont even recall Nick wrecking. You wont be disappointed with the YZ pipe many people "rave" about how much better the YZ pipe is than the WR's ! Hope this helps,



I get my kicks on a 426!

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