Vp Red

has anyone ran vp red race fuel threw the yz 400/426/450 if so say i got a 4 gallon desert tank how much do u put like 3 gallons regular gas and a gallon of vp red or what ??? how much is vp red a gallon or 5 gallons ???

You don't need VP Red. It is a 105 octane fuel, and all you need is 92-93, like pump gas or U4. I have also heard it said (by people how would know) that VP Red is more closely formulated for use in carbureted car engines than motorcycles, and it vaporizes so slowly (to help it work through the long intake manifolds they have) that in the extremely short intakes in motorcycles, it ends up not being adequately vaporized when it gets to the combustion chamber.

Besides, you are talking about is mixing race and pump gas. If you mix it 50/50, you'll end up with a fuel that's maybe 15-25% better, not 50% better. It will lower the quality of the race fuel more than it raises the quality of the pump gas, from a practical standpoint. And, it would still cost you $7-8/gallon. Mixing it at 75 pump/25 race will do very little more than lighten your wallet.

If you run U4, you'll get the full benefit of the formulation. If you are somehow convinced that you need more octane, try VP MRX01 (98 octane 4-stroke motorcycle fuel, AMA legal). If you want to go the backyard chemistry route, buy some toluene and and add it to about 7-10% of the mixed gallon. That will raise octane a little and add a little power, too.

Through all of this, keep in mind that octane does not measure the amount of energy you will get out of a fuel, or anything else about its performance other than how well it resists detonation.


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