Anyone interest on CRF450 trade?

I have a 03 CRF450 very clean with title that i was going to motard it but looks like WR450 is far better option ofr street riding ..

Im in Dallas area

Here is the bike.


I have a 02 WR 426f with all free mods, engine has 26 hours on it since last rebuild. It had a complete rebuild not just the top end, all new bearings, new timing chain and new chain tensioner, new piston rings and wrist pin all new gaskets valve re shimmed etc., and it was broken in the right way. During rebuild I steam cleaned all parts. I have a Industrialsteamcleaner :applause: so the bike is so clean you could eat off it especial the motor it still has that brand new motor look to it I know you know what I'm talking about. It has an Uncorked exhaust, Renthal Fat bars with 1/2" bar risers, 13 tooth front sprocket 52 tooth rear Renthal sprockets and Renthal O-ring chain. JD Jet kit, 2 rear rim locks 1 front, Plastics have some small scratches and some mild stress marks on the right rad cover. Lights removed YZ timmed, all YZ plastics except seat and tank. All and All the bike is a good bike even in My New Jersey 20 degree winter weather the bike still starts on on or two kicks hot or cold Runs very fast for a WR it beats my buddies stock 2000 yz 250 pretty much all the time if we drag race just on MX racing The bike is just as competitive as his until I get tiered because the WR is heavier and I only weight about 165 pounds. Its a good bike but I have had four honda CR's before this and I just like the feel of the hondas geometry more, and im also more of a MX guy than a mixed half trail half mx guy, Plus I hear a lot of s*#t from my honda buddies too lol. I will only do an even swap and I'll split the shipping with you if you want to do the even trade. I hate to sound like a dealer but If your looking for a mean WR that looks like a YZ and feels like a cross between a YZ and A WR this is the bike for you, will Even do a 30 trial period were if one of us is un happy we can swap back. What the bike is basically as if a 02 YZ 426f and a 02 WR 426f had sex this bike would be the off spring.LOL. I just got a digital camera a few days ago so I will post you a few pics of the bike. I live in the north central New Jersey area. You can either reply this thread back to me but I would Prefer if you E-mailed me at I don't know how to post pics on this sight yet I'm not very computer savvy however I do know how to post pics in E-mail so if you give your screen name and ISP I will send you a few pics of the bike. Sorry my explanation was so lengthy but I wanted to give you all the facts. Looking forward to hearing from you, it would be much appreciated if you let me know either way. Thanks


Its a shame we don't live closer to eachother so no shipping would be in volved, and we would be able to check out and ride each others bikes but unfortunately the world isn't perfect, But I still have some faith left in man kind especially fellow riders. :bonk:

I have a custom 1949 Harley with a 93" S&S stroker. 4 speed tranny belt drive primary. OH yeah kick start only. hope you got balls. I have 50 mile on motor two oil changes and the damn forward cylinder blew its head gasket. I have to pull the engine just to changes the damn thing. I'm over it. I ride strictly dirt now. I have well over $16,000 invested ($8,000 jst in motor) will trade for any(Honda) four wheeler 450 or dirtbike. trlr would be nice send me a pm. I'm only around on weekend I'm a otr drvr. Tampa Fla .

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