Can Motos Save The World?

obviuosly - we would no longer have the urban advantage if we ALL rode motos - but if a lot more people rode i think it might be a huge benefit.

better mileage - less pollution - shorter commute times...and instead of getting to work PISSED because i sat in my car for almost an hour to travel 9 miles - i get to work TOTALLY PUMPED because i not only had the upper hand - but i had fun too...and it shows im my attitude - not just for work - but about a lot of things, simply because of my chosen mode of more high blood pressure drives anywhere.

just my goofy smile - and one word ringing thru my head...SUCKAZ!!!

the world seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier these days - this just might be one small suggestion that might actually do some good.

ive already converted 3 friends back in to the fold - and they couldnt be happier about it...what can i say - maybe its a silly idea - maybe not.




i orginally posted this in the general forum - till i realized almost no one goes there.

Yep,the best time ever to ride to work.Just had a conversation(5 minutes ago) with a guy who was wondering why I rode everyday to work.After 10 minutes talking he understood.But all I had to say was I am getting 80-85 miles per gallon.

i have two v-8s that i friggin' love - but unless i have to pick up someone or something - there is AB-SO-LUTE-LY no reason whatsoever to waste all that time, gas and money to use them - (except on a rainy day when commuting is already dangerous enough) there just isnt.

unfortunately - this post will probably die a quick death and the subject may never come up again unless i throw the word CARBUERATOR or TITANIUM in the header...c'es la vie!



Die, we never say Die -- Live long and stress free!

Ride, ride, ride like the wind and be free.

Find every gravel and dirt road you can, if they are constructing a green way, use it while you can, what are they going to do give you a ticket for using state owned land that no one is using yet.

I have found it fun to map out new routes to work with my GPS and hand those out. then connect every ones routes for a dual sport ride and visit each others work place. Yet, some times it does get a little depresing see what you buddies due for a living..LOL

congrats on making some converts.

more souls in the fold!

general forum is a good area, more people should use it!

Yes. Yes, I believe we can.

The bad side to everyone on bikes, the jerks that cut you off all the time will still do it. Imagine a NASCAR attitude guy riding probaly a crotchrocket weavng through everybody, if we're lucky they would only kill themselves off instead of taking a few with them. Then BIG BROTHER steps in. No more than 15hp would be legal. Illegal mods and bikes would pop up everywhere. Social order would collapse. Gov't would be overthrown. Chaos and anarchy would reign over the land. He who has the most ammo would win. Dang sounds good to me :applause: Gotta go buy another case of 7.62

thats precisely why i think it would only work if MORE of us were out there...not all of us.

a friend of mine put it quite eloquently (he drove a VW BUS by the way)

he said "if everyone were strapped to the front of their car with no engine or frame to protect them - the road would be a much safer place"

and i think he might be right.



Along time ago the auto makers p P R ED the motorcyle to death hence all problems in world today ride all the time no just at the track or to a run or the weekend and if U think that most people think u are any differnt than a 1% think again.


I ride everyday down here in Socal. There is no room left on the roads for my car, so the Honda gets used always. I talk to people at work and they complain about fuel prices and traffic...what are those? I have a perpetual smile on my face from the adventures I have on the way to work.

As someone pointed out though, the more bikes that are on the road (mostly harleys with straight pipes on them here) the more scrutiny by the state govs. Now there are as many emmissions restrictions here in Cal as there are for cars. 2007 they are talking a requirement to bring your bike to a smog station every couple of years.

More riders is okay, but too many and the restrictive legislatures start getting out of hand.

Ride free!

i ride nearly every day too...

and its friggin' awesome to show up in a good mood - just because i didnt have to sit with all the other meatballs in 50 minutes of traffic to go a mere 9 miles in the city...

i always get the best parking.

and gas - who cares...its like one tank per week - which is about 9 dollars...compared to the 100+dollars for my bronco...

to me - its a no brainer.

(not to mention - the weekend fireroad exploration adventures - which yield "incalculable" amounts of joy for me!!!)



The answer to CAN motos save the world may be yes. But the answer to WILL they do it is no. I've been riding for 43 years now and have always wondered when everyone is going to catch on to this "no brainer". I'm afraid the answer to that, especially in the U.S., is never.

that is unfortunate - however, its also just fine.

i love surfing...and it seemed like almost overnight - every meatball that had seen point break went out and decided to learn - that was good and bad...too many people out doing it for the wrong reasons.

this might be the for now - itll be our little secret!!




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