Baja 1000 race: who, from the Forum on what, what?

No, 20 feet is WAY too rugged...

Maybe just 15 feet.

And you?

HA! Better let up Tim or we'll find femurcrash hanging from the rafters with nothing on but his whitie tighties. :applause:

I'd take Tim on his worst day riding a wrung out husky than femur on his best day riding whatever bike he chooses.

How many 1000's have YOU run, femur? Just curious...

I get off my dual sported XR650R from work.

I walk past a garage full of bikes on my way into the kitchen.

Open up the fridge and grab a Tecate.

Get a bag of popcorn a-poppin'.

Take the beer and popcorn and stroll on over to my nice inviting sofa.

Turn on the tube and get ready to watch the "Ultimate Baja Fighting Challenge"!

Let the games begin!

Slurp! Slurp! Munch! Munch! Burp!

get ready to watch the "Ultimate Baja Fighting Challenge"!

LOL...That's a good one!

And YES, the BMW effort is for publicity and also for R&D. It was never claimed to be more than that. We've never claimed we'll win any class in Baja on it. And it did pass and beat the Husky at the Baja 500.

And we've definately never said anything like:

i will bet you $20 the privateer Husqvarna Team leaves the full factory sponsored 110hp BMW with the "world famous desert racer pro's riding it" in the dust

Next week should be interesting.....

Tim Morton

12x & 103x

PS - Even with all the smack talk about riders back and forth I still stick to what I've said...."surfandride" @ 3rd Overall, the fastest Baja guy on TT with a great team.

PS - Even with all the smack talk about riders back and forth I still stick to what I've said...."surfandride" @ 3rd Overall, the fastest Baja guy on TT with a great team.


What is your prediction for the overall position of the 40+ Husky team ?



Kellon Welch crashed prerunning and will not race.

I think I'll stay out of the pissing match here. For the people that wanted to know I'll be racing 406X this year and from what I under stand Irondude and I will be banging bars on the Mike's loop in the washed up 40 class. It's a bitch getting old. We have a new bike and a good team. If we can hold the bike together we should do well. Everyone has lots of Baja miles under there belt and most of them have been prerunning all week. I'll be heading down Monday to prerun my sections. I spent a week in Death Valley training in the desert on my bike. Can't wait to ride the race bike. From what I've been told it's set up real nice.

Who would know the difference? Does SCORE even admit that the bikes have been winning the overall all these years?

They sure don't advertise the fact and their coverage always seems to imply that some trophy truck wins the overall and then oh, BTW, Johnny Campbell won the "motorcycle" class!

Yep. I like the trophy trucks too, but geez? Nice to see that clarified covering Honda's efforts in "Dust to Glory". Also mentioned was that in Mexico the real Baja heros are Campbell & co. What a concept...the actual winners being celebrated! In fact, a buggy was the first four-wheeled vehicle that year I noted. Must have been some long faces in the "premier" division! :applause:

Unless R Gordon gets out front again and doesn't break his truck I'd say that a buggy will pull it off.At nite (from valley t on),I think the Buggys will have the advantage.Of course my money ($20.00) is still on Honda's 'A' team.I understand irondude will be stationed outside club Paris Sat. evening paying us all our winnings.1 dollar bills are O.K. with me!!

:applause: Cosmo, isn't that the place where the girls aren't girls?
Cosmo, isn't that the place where the girls aren't girls?

I wondered why there were so many KTM's parked out front? Those euro bike riders! :applause:

A couple things to say then quiet from this peanut gallery.

I wonder if the guy asking about the Husky facts and the Baja 1000 liked what I wrote? We have heard from everyone else on every other brand of bike racing the 1000. :ride:

1) To the one that borrowed it and to the one that lent it, give back the carb and settle your differences privately. It really is that easy guys. :p

2) Baja racing will always be full of ups and downs. Flat tires, running out of gas,breaking down, crashing, getting lost, not pre running at all or enough. Those in the dough pre run a lot, those without dont.

3) One Sat phone means more than 100 FM radios when broke and out of radio range from your chase crew and pits.

4) Orange, Red, White/red, Blue, yellow, it doesn't matter so much about the bike as it does the rider on the bike. Some races are won by seconds, not minutes or hours.

5) You have to finish to win. Savy racers know that 2/3's or better of each class will break before the 2/3 mark on the race course. Finishing usually means at least a top 10 spot in class or better.

6) For those that think Tim is sand bagging, let me point out a small tidbit. He asked his team after the SF 250 if they wanted to change the rider of record since he was a main player on the BMW team for the 500 and upcoming 1000. They said no, because then there win wouldn't count over the current champions, Desroisers and Team DP. Because of that, they now have 2 wins and only need to finish the 1000 to take the championship away this year. Pretty neat. BTW, Tim is never about bragging about Tim. Those that truly know him know this. Enough said!

7) BTW, that a Honda CRF 250R can beat out a YZ 250 in open Baja desert, some thing that Class 21 Pro hasn't seen since prior to 2000. Especially a bike that is classified as a 125 in motocross beating out a bike classified as a 250 in MX. Now that is apples and oranges racing in the same class.

8) At one time (those over 35 probably remember this) Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, ATK, KTM and Husqvarna were all fielding teams in Score Baja racing, which also included the Parker 400. A lot of us ran Goodyear Eagles for rear tires before BFG came along. The only tire that wouldn't chunk on the highway at speed.

9) With one or two cash sponsors, we will see a Husky team fielded in SCORE for 2006 possibly. :p With even more luck, we will see this expand to BITD and H & H series.

Thats it. I have ran out of peanuts to eat. :applause: Steny

Steny.....Amen brother! Surfnride,no I've done some personal inspections to verify the gender.I think? All I can say is for's going to be a LONG day!!

I like this...mucho DRAMA, many bets (most likely non will get paid), more smack talk, 4 days before the race, my face is dirty from Baja silt and my Mexican "T" (tequila) is running low already. My last day to read and post will be Wednesday. Many of you probably are already in Baja.

The results are final. Viva Baja Cabrones!!!

:applause: Cosmo, isn't that the place where the girls aren't girls?

Just got back from pre-running. The Husky team spent most of its race money at Club Paris de Noche. For sure the girls are girls. For sure.

I wont be hanging out front waiting to collect from y'all.

Its a tradition for us to take the Husky up on stage inside the Paris--the wilder girls will do an exocism--removing all the spirits off all the dead bugs, lizards, Hondas, etc. post race.

Last time some drunkin fisherman bought our team a round of beers---nothing like getting paid to race!

See you all at Paris de Noche around midnight....we will be the guys with the hot little dirty latina...

405x. Husqvarna TE 510.

Mike, Brian and Lincoln.

8th overall if all goes perfect.

10th overall with only minor drama.

15th overall with a flat for 25 miles.

54th overall and the BMW passes us if we stop in Felipe for tacos, beers, and a nap! :p

ps- all the banter aside i want to wish everyone a safe race. :ride:

Last post till i get back and either go off on the greatness of the Husky or come up with some great excuses (again!)

pss- i 'll accept dollars, pesos, or beer.

Best of Luck to all the Baja Racers on TT. I wish I could join in the fun and spectate but not this year, down with a broken collar bone from Halloween w/end. Have fun at Paris, the women are definately better there than Anthony's.

Irondude calls it like he sees it. Always has, always will.

I wish everyone did that!!!!

Now that I've been against you... (in cyberspace)... and then 'with' you (again, in cyber space)... and at times envy you (still in cyberspace)... I still see you type with a smirk.... and after a long talk with mutual friends a while ago, it's all easier to read and understand.

This place (earth) would be a better place if we were all honest and spoke our minds.

:applause: to ya!! ...and I can't wait to hear how ya did! ...let alone kick down a couple cold ones with ya in Baja sometime soon... even if you do ride a Husky! :ride:


Did they leave Irondude out of this list to be funny? :applause::ride:


1. Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif./Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif., Honda XR650R, 14:20:30 (49.42mph) (Class 22)

2. Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Quinn Cody, Buellton, Calif., Honda XR650R, 14:38:01 (48.44mph) (Class 22)

3. Brian Pinard, Wildomar, Calif./Scott Myers/Ron Wilson, Honda XR650R, 16:07:18 (43.97mph) (Class 30)

4. Travis Pastrana, Davidsonville, Md./Andy Grider, Los Olivos, Calif./Ricky Johnson, Encinitas, Calif./Gregg Godfrey, Draper, Utah, Suzuki 450, 16:09:36 (43.86mph) (Class 22) Final Bike results. It looks like Travis and crew had a solid ride, and the Suzuki lived.

5. Tim Morton, Escondido, Calif./Salvador Hernandez, Ensenada, Mexico/Jason Trubey, Bullhead City, Ariz., Honda CRFX250, 18:01:38 (39.32mph) (Class 21)

6. Jim O’Neal, Chatsworth, Calif./Tim Withers, Pepeekeo, Hawaii/Jeff Kaplan, Newbury Park, Calif./Louis Franco, Honda XR650R, 18:19:08 (38.69mph) (Class 40)

7. Kevin Johnson, Vista, Calif./Ryan Gustine, San Diego/Anthony Sanchez, Wildomar, Calif., Yamaha YZ250, 18:46:20 (37.76mph) (Class 21)

8. Robert Laughlin, Solvang, Calif., Honda XR650R, 19:00:12 (37.30mph) (Sportsman Motorcycle Over 250cc)

9. Chris Haines, Dana Point, Calif./Scott Forward, Montrose, Calif./Jim Castillo, Los Alamos, Calif., Honda XR650R, 19:08:49 (37.02mph) (SPT M/C over 250cc)

10. Joe Desrosiers, San Marcos, Calif./Dean Sharpe, San Diego, Yamaha YZ250, 19:37:40 (36.11mph) (Class 21)

11. 2. Gerardo Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/Arturo Salas, Tijuana, Mexico/Francisco Real, San Diego, Honda XR650R, 20:25:40 (34.70mph) (34.70mph) (Class 30)

12. Sergio Vega/Manuel Luna/Arnoldo Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico, BMW HP2, 20:42:09 (34.24mph) (Class 30)

13. Mark Jerman, Huntington Beach, Calif./Joe Bolton, Corona, Calif./Steve Buckley, Oak Park, Calif., Honda XR650R, 20:51:04 (33.99mph) (Class 40)

14. David Gonzalez/David Gonzalez Jr./Carlos Casas, Chula Vista, Calif., Honda XR650R, 20:51:37 (33.98mph) (SPT M/C over 250cc)

15. Jimmy Lewis, Costa Mesa, Calif./Dave Donatoni, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Jonah Street, Ellensburg, Wash./Beau Hayden, Sunland, Calif., BMW HP2, 20:57:43 (33.81mph) (Class 22)

I was listening to the weatherman about 9am. Travis Pastrana came on the radio and said he was stuck since 10pm. He was in a pro truck , did he drive a bike then a truck? It was Pastrana's voice.

Looks like Husky might be preparing to put together a factory effort by running the new Husqvarna Viking Platinum 750 this year!!!


Looks like they might have things sewn up this year. :p

5. Tim Morton, Escondido, Calif./Salvador Hernandez, Ensenada, Mexico/Jason Trubey, Bullhead City, Ariz., Honda CRFX250, 18:01:38 (39.32mph) (Class 21)

A CRF250X? That's impressive. I guess they fixed the valvetrain.

Where are the KTM's?

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