Baja 1000 race: who, from the Forum on what, what?

For more fun,check the thread "Baja 100 updates."

IRONDUDE and femurcrash

- I don't know who you are, but you seem like a d***. The new class 21 champs kicked your butt on a CRF250. Tim the washed up guy beat you, jaja :p . Both of the BMW's beat you too. How embarasing, I would just stay in the US and never come back to baja again. If I ever see you at a race I will make sure you and teach you a lesson. You are not even in the top results. SHAME, what a looser. :ride:

See you soon. :applause: AC 100X

Let me see here... with Pastrana DQ'd for loosing his GPS receiver, that would put the Jimmy Lewis BMW Team in 3rd place in the Open Pro Class 22... falling only to the 2 Factory Honda teams of Johnny Campbell and Robby Bell...

... not bad for a bunch of "washed-up has-beens" riding a bike that weighs over 100lbs. more and has almost 4" less wheel travel. :applause::ride::p

I wanna be a Washed-Up Has-Been too!!! :p:lol::p

Does anyone know how Rob Barnum did?

IRONDUDE maybe this sounds better..

"See you at Tecate where we'll beat you again...if you can even finish this time!"

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