WR to YZ Plasitcs - # Plate?

lightening up my '00 WR400. anyone no if i should use an aftermarket (maier,polisport) # plate for a yz400 or yz426? different part #'s for both. do i need something off these bikes to mount to? wr headlight/# plate uses brackets, yz 400 and 426 probably doesn't (do i need brackets from one of these bikes?). any answers, suggestions? thanks.

also, are the aluminum subframes that much lighter than the steelie on my wr? worth it? reservoir will be gone. thanks.

Not to knowledgeable about the 400 but with my 426 I put a yz plate on. The pegs fit perfect on into the lower bolt holes on the lower clamps. There is a upper mounting hole ( On the plate ) that I had nothing to mount it to so I just zip tyed it to the bars for a quick fix. If you have after market clamps you may have a spot for this mount already.

Good Luck,

any responses to the subframe concerns? worth swapping? anyone know weight differences?

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