Over filled oil

I just bought an 88 xr 600 the bloke who I bought it off re-built the motor and as a parting gift the NOB JOCKEY overfilled the oil by 1200ml I drained a little over 3 litres out of it. Now I'm pulling down the engine as it is not sounding good. Any idea what damage this would cause, or what I shound look for :lol::banghead::banghead:

I would think the worst it could do, is blow an oil seal, ... I doubt if it would cause actual engine damage ... :banghead:

Maybe drain it all out and refill to the proper level.

Check the plug. That much oil in it, some is bound to get in the cylinder. Four-strokes aren't made to burn oil like that. Airbox and filter might be filled up with the crankcase vent.

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