yz 400 crankcase guard?

After my brother threw a chain on his 05 KTM 525 SMC which jammed itself around the front sprocket & feel I need to remove the plastic crank case guard on my yz 400 & get a steel/aluminum/cf one.

Anyone have any ideas on where I should look to find one? I am not sure where to look or who has them


thanks for the help everyone...... :applause:

I can't find one anywhere :ride:

It wasn't bitching....it was sarcasm & I figured it would get under someone's skin & they would help me out :applause: kinda that reverse psychology thing.....

Thanks a LOT for your help!!! I have been out of the offroad motorcycle scene for 14+ yrs thus I have no clue where to get stuff.

again... thanks for your help!!!!! Going to order one today :ride:

You never took off your stock one and looked under it did you? It has an aluminum piece right under the plastic one to deflect the chain in case of breakage.

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