450 Valve Maintenance

So I finally did it. After having my bike for about a year and a half, I finally had someone take a look at the valves. I know, I know, I probably waited way too long :banghead: And I figured I would take it back to the shop where I bought it, I consider myself somewhat mechanically inclined, but with little to no experience on motorcycles, so I figured I would fork out the money to have it done right the first time. When I went to pick it up, I was anxious to see what they found. 4 out of the 5 valves were still dead on, and one exhaust valve needed just one shim to bring it back to specs :banghead: I was stoked, and once again I know why I ride Yamaha, what a great bike!!

3 yrs on my 2003 450 and the valves are still spot on. I had a 2002 CRF 450 and in 1 yr 3 set of valves :banghead: . I to now know why I have a 2006 YZF ordered and my 2003 will get trellborgs/spiked winter studs on it and will be my winter bike. Honda will never see another bit of my money going towards one of there CRF's. I understand maitance but 3 sets in 1yr is a bit much. Plus I own 2 tracks and see CRF's being push started all the time as the valves go.



3 yrs on my 2003 450 and the valves are still spot on.
Same story here. :banghead: But no matter how often I hear it, it still amazes me. My sundial gives me more trouble.
My sundial gives me more trouble.

:banghead: I hope you won't mind if I use that some time.

Has anuone heard of a wr 450 needing top end replacement every 8-10 hours? My bike shop is stating this is how frequently riders must expect to change tope end components in order to keep the wr's running. Are they just performing a dineroectomy on my wallet. My 03 does clang and has gotten worse since buying it new. Any help out there?

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