Boysen Quick Shot And Power Now Questions???

Has anyone put these on their WR450 and are they worth the money?

If I recall right, there has been abundant discussions about that in the past in the WR4xx forum. Use the search tool, I'm sure you'll be pleased with what you find. :banghead:

I have both and I could take 'em or leave 'em. Of the two, I could feel a tiny difference with the PowerNow..SC

I have neither, try changing your leak jets and using INDYS jetting chart in conjunction with a JD jet kit :applause:

I have the JD jet kit and get a low end bog. I never changed the leak jet though. What size is stock? I see that most people are using a #40 for the leak?

I have one and it made so little difference that I took it back off and was going to sell it. That was with the stock exhaust.

After going to a full FMF Powerbomb/Q system, I rejetted, made sure the pump was adjusted corectly, did the leak jet mod and still had a bog at low RPM. So I put the quick shot back on and it cured the bog. Runs sweet now!


Dont forget that you can plug the stock leak jet for better results in winter riding weather. :applause:

$90 seems like alot for a minimal increase in response. I did the BK and rejetted, have no bog- so I think I'll save my cash.

Hey guys, I have a 2004 wr450f that is almost new. The battery is locked up and wont take a charge, the starter just clicks quickly. I jumped it with my truck and the started turns right over. should I keep my battery tender on for weeks at a time even though I'm riding often?

Maybe you should install a Quickshot and then think about a Power Now...Or did you intend to hijack this thread with something completely off topic?...Was that over the top? I can never tell :applause: ...SC

SC, as you are usually over the top, that wasn't such a ridiculous question. But in this case you were spot on. :ride:

I'd suggest new bars and then an exhaust. Newb's :applause: I was one once too.

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