power loss???

2000 yz426f doesn't have the top end it used to. Clutch is new, valves are adjusted to spec, but the bike doesn't seem to accelerate in 4th or 5th between three quarters and full throttle. Feels like slipping clutch, but it's done the same thing with both the old and new clutches. help :banghead:

Lean or plugged main jet circuit? (wild guess)

Sounds like a pretty common problem that is usually solved by rebuilding the tranny.

One of the other guys can give more info on it, but I've seen this probably 20 times around here. If you split the cases and inspect the transmission, you'll probably find several bent and worn pieces.

If you have a surging sensation, it is most likely worn dogs. Happened to me in 4th.

I've got an 00' and the same thing is happening to me. I'm just going to buy an 06'.:applause:

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